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My Color Crush Planner Set-Up for 2015

Hello there! Jennifer here today, to share with you how my Color Crush Planner is set-up for use. When it comes to using a planner, do what works best for you. This is how I use my planner. My system may not particularly work for you, but it may work for others.

The great thing about a ring bound planner such as this, is that you can customize it to fit your needs.

 I like to store some stationery items such as a washi tapes and sticky notes in the card slots. The large pocket fits all my other labels and stickers that I use for planning. I also like attaching charms and my inspiration tag to my rings, to make it more personalized.

I like to add additional tabs to further divide sections, such as an addresses tab in my memory keeping section. In the Calendar section, I have labeled the weekly and monthly pages to easily get to them.

I don't like to waste any space. I like putting sticky notes for jotting down quick notes, or important tasks that need to be completed right at th…
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The $1000 Ultimate Craft Room Giveaway!

Who is the most crafty, creative and inspirational person you know? Nominate them to win $1000 to spend at Blitsy! We want to stock their craft room with everything they need to continue their creativity. I hope you'll nominate me!

Colorful Ways to Keep Up with a Planner

When it comes to using a planner, I love using lots of color. Whether it be by color coding specific items or color coordinating with my designed planner pages. In this example, I used Multi-Use Labels #5428 and the Avery Design & Print Online software which is a free program directly on their website. Get started just by typing in the product number you are using. I also started with a blank template. Then, in the "Shapes" tab, I clicked on the "More" button and chose the box/ square shape. Next, I resized the shape to fit around the entire label. In the "Shapes" tab, you will see a section that says Formatting. Here you can adjust the line color to your desire. As you can see in the photo below, there are many colors to choose from. You can also adjust the thickness of the line. I like to have mine set at 2. Then, choose the color of the Fill. I chose a shade or two lighter from the line color. 

You can also have the option of no Fill, as…

How to Make a Happy Planner Sticker Book

Looking for the perfect way to store all those stickers for your Happy Planner? I find it so much easier to flip through and find the sticker I need for my planner with this sticker book I created. Check out my tutorial now on the Blitsy Blog on how to create this.


Blitsy is having a sale on all Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planners and Accessories which ends in 13 days! Plus, if you order this weekend you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $29.99 in the contiguous United States! No coupon necessary to redeem this offer. Time to stock up on all those sticker books!

Streamline Your Planner with Avery

Today, I am going to help give you tips on how you can use your planner more effectively. As a mother, I keep track of not only my own personal daily tasks, but also that of my family. I manage all this information in my planner by using labels to make planning more efficient.

These Multi-Use Labels #5428  and the Dentist Plans - Stamp Set from Sweet Stamp Shop, have helped me keep track of all my daughter's orthodontist appointments. These labels are great for repeat events such as doctor's appointments, meetings, emails, birithdays and more. Stay on top of those chores around the house such as dusting, vacuuming, and laundry. Instead of writing things over and over again, labels make it quick and simple to plan your days, weeks and months ahead time.

I used the Creative Year Clear Stamp Set By Recollections, which can be purchased from Michael's Stores, to stamp out the icons which I thought best suited the task or event. In this example, I used an envelope fo…

Brush Lettering Class with Amy Tangerine

Hi friends! My incredibly talented friend, Amy Tangerine, is launching an all new online Brush Lettering Class!  Amy is one of my favorite scrapbookers and designers, and over the past year she’s been doing these amazing Monday Motivational quotes on Instagram, each one hand scripted.  I’ve asked her more than a few times how she’s developed such a unique style as I’d love to do more brush scripting in my my own projects.  She’d had a ton of fans asking for her to share her tips and techniques and she’s finally made a class, I thought you would be just as interested as I am in checking it out.

The three part class features tons of exclusive content, check out the cute video she put together here.

A Modern Take on Brush Lettering

You may already know that Amy and Jamie have been working together on online classes for the past two years, with nearly 9,000 students having registered already!

With this new class Amy will help you find your own personal Brush Lettering Style Using the T…

Planning with Pineapples

It has been such a long time since I have done a YouTube video so, I am so excited to share this with you today. As a part of the creative team for Blitsy, each team member was sent some surprise products that were along the theme of "summer trends". Each team member was to create a post with the items in the box and share them with you in a special blog hop!


At the end of the video I mentioned that you will have the chance to enter a giveaway to win a $50 credit to shop at Blitsy! Each team member has their own secret word! You will need to keep track of them to enter into the giveaway! You must watch the video to find out my secret word.

Next on the blog hop is my creative friend, Andreja---> check out her post here:

Check out the Blitsy SALE going on now on all the summer trend products. Shop for those cute flamingos, pineapples, and much more!