Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Review: Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pens

I finally had the chance to try out these pens courtesy of JetPens back at the beginning of the year and I couldn't wait to grab more colors. The colors I now have are:
  • 0.5mm Gray
  • 0.7mm Coral Pink
  • 0.5mm Pastel Green
  • 0.5mm Turquiose Green
  • 0.5mm Grape
  • 0.5mm Pastel Violet 
I was interested in this pen when a follower of mine asked if I knew any affordable pens that had grey ink. Of course, I hopped onto JetPens to see what I could find. After getting my hands on these Pilot Juice gel ink pens, I immediately felt a similar writing experience with the Pilot Frixion pen. Of course, they are both made by Pilot. Even the tips of the pen are similar. I tried both the 0.5mm and 0.7mm in the Pilot Juice and Pilot Frixion which I felt wrote the same. The only difference is aesthetics and the fact that one is erasable (Pilot Frixion) while the other is not.

This is both pens in the 0.7mm point. As you can see below, the tips are practically identical.
Above you will see the swatches of ink which I tested on Filofax white paper. There appears to be some minimal shadowing/ghosting of the ink on the back side of the paper, but no actual bleed through of the ink. This is because the ink of the pen is pigment-based ink, which means that it is water-resistant and fade-resistant. This is good if you are looking for a pen that has "Archival Quality". This is another reason why I recommend this pen. It has been reported that those who have used the Pilot Frixion pens have experienced their writing to disappear if left in someplace hot such as a hot vehicle. This is due to the thermo sensitive nature of the Pilot Frixion ink.

Interestingly enough, the ink in these pens will actually reappear when the temperature reaches below – 10 C (under 14 Fahrenheit). A freezer is sufficiently cold enough to make the ink start to reappear. (-JetPens)

If you love how the Pilot Frixion pens write, the Pilot Juice pens are a great alternative. These pens write smoothly and have a large variety of colors - 36 to be exact! These pens are very affordable at $1.65 (USD) from JetPens. They are also available in a bundle set of 6, 12, 24, or 36. These pens come in three different sizes, from 0.38mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

It was a bit difficult seeing the Pastel colors on regular paper, so above you can see how the ink writes on Black colored paper and Kraft paper. 


Check out my video review here:

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with JetPens. All content, ideas, and words are 100% my own, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow me to showcase these wonderful products.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrate with me!

 Win a Filofax Personal Organiser!!!

I started out making videos about my planner in 2012. My channel really took off when I made a video series about what is a Filofax Personal Organiser and how to choose one. From there, it just exploded! Every week I had tutorials on how to decorate planner pages. I had the opportunity to team up with Filofax, and other companies and blogger to showcase and review products. 

I do put in a lot of thought and effort into my work so that people learn about what is out there and that they are getting the best information possible. I had no idea that so many people would interested with what I have to share, so I hope that I can continue to keep sharing my ideas, tips & reviews about the things I love.

I am very grateful to have finally reached the achievement of 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel.
As a token of my appreciation for all my followers & subscribers, I will be giving away one of these four organisers.
  • Personal Violet Domino
  • Personal Raspberry Saffiano
  • Compact Lavender Patent
  • Personal Patent Purple Original
Giveaway Rules:
- Must be over 18 yrs. old. Please have a guardian consent to enter if under age.
- Leave a comment on this blog post telling me "Where are you from? What type of Filofax would you like to see in the future?"
- One entry per person, any other entries will be disqualified.  

 **This giveaway is open internationally and will end at Midnight PST on July 1, 2014.
Additional entries may be made on my Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube

 Thank you and good luck to all!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Month in Review - May 2014

I know it's almost the end of the month, but it is time I got caught up with things. So, better late than never! Here is my review of the organisers I used for the month of May.

One thing that never changes is that I use a Compact size Filofax as my wallet. During the month of May, I was given the opportunity to do a product review on the Patent Lavender Compact Filofax. I am happy to see that it has been holding up pretty well. I was afraid of it being scratched and dinged up at first, but I have come to a realization that it won't stay perfect forever. It is build to withstand usage of daily life. Some days, such as a quick run to the groceries, or the post office, it is nice and easy to carry. Why I chose to use a compact over a pocket size is due to the fact that I carry many cards with me. I use over 48 cards ranging from rewards cards, stamp cards, and medical cards. I do not keep any diary inserts, just cash and 8 credit/business card holders. I carry my coins in a separate pouch. This is how it looks like.

 In the front pocket, I keep some credit/debit cards, some cash, and some note paper. In the back pocket, I carry larger rewards cards that don't fit into the business card holders, and some stamps.

If you are wondering what the top labels are, I have DRINKS: which is mainly restaurants & food/drink shops. Next, is STATIONERY: rewards cards for my craft stores and office supply stores. Lastly, MEDICAL: medical insurance cards, prescriptions, medical licenses/certificates.

Next, I will share my A5 Raspberry Saffiano. This organiser is definitely a workhorse. It holds up very well. It is durable, and has a large capacity. I use this organiser mainly for managing events an appointments with my monthly calendar. Please watch my video on YouTube as to how I use my monthly calendar here: My 2014 Monthly Calendar Set Up  if you are interested about that.

Lastly, I also use a Personal size Filofax for my everday use. This organiser serves as my task manager and holds important information that I may need on a daily basis. I use a week on two pages printable which I personaized from I have received many requests to do a video on how I print my inserts. I personally think that it would difficult to do because everyone has different computers and printers, so what may work for me may not work for you. This is something I will try to work on in the future, but not anytime soon. There are some great videos here: Philofaxy: Diary Inserts if you are having some trouble.

I used the beautiful Personal size Orchid Aston Filofax.
Below are my decorated pages for the month of May as well as the supplies used. I will list the products below each photograph.

Week 18 theme: Mother's Day Florals
Colors: Coral with Blues and Greens
Items used:  

Week 19 theme: Moving/ New Home
Items used:  
Week 20 theme: Neutral Animals
Items used:  
Week 21 theme: Hello Kitty Pink, Aqua, Purple
Items used:  
Pens used: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen Ink Cartridge - 0.5 mm - Pink
(Barrel given as a gift) 

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Filofax and JetPens. All content, ideas, and words are 100% my own, unless otherwise stated. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow me to showcase these wonderful products.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Month in Review - April 2014

Organisers used for the month:  
Personal Ochre Malden, Personal Willow, A5 Raspberry Saffiano, Compact Purple Charleston, Compact Lavender Patent.

Week 14
This week I went for this cute Tinkerbell fairies theme. I picked up these Tinkerbell stickers from the 99 cent store a while back and also the Tinkerbell washi tape by Tape Works. I purchased this particular tape from Toys R Us. I paired that with some Angoo Masking Tapes which came in a 10 pc. set. Then, used my MUJI Acrylic Stamp for check list and inked it up with Tsukineko Memento Dew Drop Inkpad, New Sprout
I also used the Zig Wink of Stella Markers from JetPens to create a "pixie dust" effect with my writing. 

 Week 15
This week I wanted to utilize these cute Little B sticky notes which I won from a giveaway by 

 Week 16

Week 17
I went for another black and white theme. I wanted to utilize these cute camera washi tapes and test out the
Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Gray from JetPens. I used the "List It" stamp set from

I am glad to be back using my week in two pages. I definitely feel that using this layout gives me more freedom to create and decorate. I missed being able to use my stamps, stickers, and sticky notes.

 Check out my latest video on how I will be decorating for the weekly pages for May 2014.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filofax Faces Blogger Challenge Winner is?

MyPurpleyLife - that's ME! 

This means so much to me! Especially during this difficult time in my life.
For today, I have plenty of reasons to be happy. I'm excited to be alive at this moment. I'm excited about my family, my health, and to have been given this great opportunity.

I am very grateful to everyone who voted for me and have supported me through thick and thin. 
I am blessed beyond belief to be able to do what I do. 

Now I have the chance to give back to you all and giveaway some great organisers! 

Thank you to Filofax for allowing me to participate in this challenge. Congratulations to the other winners and the other bloggers who took part in this competition. Last but not least, big thanks to my photographer, Michael Lee. I owe so much to you and my sister in law Diana Lee from Light&Lens -  Love you guys!

 Head over to The Filofax Blog to see who came 2nd and 3rd:

My Motivations for Success 

Success is not the key the happiness. Happiness is the key to 
success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer

The LORD is my strength and my shield. I trust him with all 
my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst 
out in songs of thanksgiving.  - Psalm 28:7