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Customizing my Pocket Adelphi Pt. 2

**This post has plenty of pictures so sorry if it takes long to load.**

My first encounter with organizers/planners were back in my grade school days. I used to and still am in love with Hello Kitty/ Sanrio products. Almost everyone had a Sanrio Organizer. They used to be made out of plastic. I've still seen some today, but they're not as available as they used to be. I saw on the blog of Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita that she used Hello Kitty refills she found on ebay. By the time I checked, they were all gone. So, checked all the Sanrio stores, but still nothing. I remembered about Morning glory and I was lucky to find the stuff I did. 

So, I've taken then inserts from that Yellow Orange Story Organizer and put them into my Adelphi. Here's what my Adelphi looks like now. 

 Bottom view  Left inside pocket  First page when you open it up.  I chose this paper because it's similar to the design on the Adelphi.  Picture from 2007.  My second child on her 1st birthda…

Customizing my Pocket Adelphi Pt. 1

There is so much inspiration out there on how to customize a filofax/organizer/planner. I've listed some of my favorite blogs and sites on the Links tab above. So, I went to my local Morning Glory store and found some goodies to put into my Pocket Adelphi and for future use. For those of you who don't know what Morning Glory is. Morning Glory is a world-wide designer and distributor of character-branded stationery, school supplies, gifts and accessories. Our product line is driven by the characters that cover them, like the now famous Blue Bear. (Morning Glory US

So here was my haul @ Morning Glory: Total spent: $27.61

 This Yello Orange Story Organizer for $9.99 - Used the inserts for my Filofax.
Monthly Calendar
 Weekly Calendar - Week on Two Pages
 Telephone & Addresses
Personal information page/ Monthly & Weekly Calendar Divider

 Note Divider & Shoplist Divider

 Side view
 Pockets  Stickers.Refills.Zipped Pocket. Dividers

The Beginning

Here is my attempt to share my life with you all. You will learn about the things I love and hate, the things I do and don't, and I hope that by sharing this with you will somehow give you some ideas in your life, and maybe learn things you never knew before. So please enjoy!

I have a love for crafts, stationary, stickers, nails & nail polishes, beauty products, hair, cosmetics, organizing, filofaxes, and the color PURPLE!!!

Let's start of my introducing you to my first filofax. What is a filofax? For those of you who don't know. A filofax is a personal organizer/ day planner. Filofax is a company based in the UK that produces a range of well known personal organizer wallets. But how did I even find out about filofaxes? Well, one day I was watching my favorite professional organizer Alejandra Costello on YouTube. She did a video about "How to Organize Your Wallet, Credit Cards & Gift Cards.

Here's the link if you want to watch it: How to Organize Your Wal…