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Customizing my Pocket Adelphi Pt. 2

**This post has plenty of pictures so sorry if it takes long to load.**

My first encounter with organizers/planners were back in my grade school days. I used to and still am in love with Hello Kitty/ Sanrio products. Almost everyone had a Sanrio Organizer. They used to be made out of plastic. I've still seen some today, but they're not as available as they used to be. I saw on the blog of Circus Life with Disturbed Mamacita that she used Hello Kitty refills she found on ebay. By the time I checked, they were all gone. So, checked all the Sanrio stores, but still nothing. I remembered about Morning glory and I was lucky to find the stuff I did. 

So, I've taken then inserts from that Yellow Orange Story Organizer and put them into my Adelphi. Here's what my Adelphi looks like now. 

 Bottom view
 Left inside pocket
 First page when you open it up. 
I chose this paper because it's similar to the design on the Adelphi.
 Picture from 2007.
 My second child on her 1st birthday.
Some card holders with cards I use regularly. Including my Starbucks card! =)
A transparent flyleaf & My dashboard - Color coding
Registration page

 Monthly Calendar
 Week on two pages

 Notes tab - Where I keep my to dos/ lists/ tasks
 2nd note tab - Future Projects
 Shoplist tab
 Information tab 
-I keep inventory on supplies I have so I don't end up buy something I already have.
 Pens I use
 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads & Momento Dew Drops for crafting
 Copic Markers - for my card making
 This comes in handy when I'm shopping for markers. I made this chart myself. 
For you copic marker users, I used Copic X-Press It Blending Card to get it's true colors. 
Also, I use this when I go to crafting classes.
 Financial tab - Where I have my passwords
 Address tab - Where I keep my Links/ Websites
One for Crafting
 One for Filofax
 One for Organizing
Lastly, a zipped pocket for storing my tags/flags/ and post-it notes.


  1. I love the inserts! You can never go wrong with Hello Kitty and Sorry you couldn't find any of the Hello Kitty pages, but the ones you found are super cute too.

  2. I Love Everything about your pocket! What a great way to not purchase doubles. I have to do that for my Copics as well! I hate when I buy doubles! How did you manage the right size chart for the pocket copic pages. And I love your month at a glance calendar. May I ask where you got that or how you made it? TFS!

    1. Thank you so much Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad to share this with you and everyone! As for my Copic pages, I went to the Philofaxy website, under "files", I used their pocket template document, and made the tables myself. It was a bit tedious typing in each color marker, but I love it this way. It also does make my Filofax a bit fatter, but it saves me money in the end.

  3. You can get Sanrio filofax refills on Amazon; they also make the Peanuts refills and I get them there. Love your pocket! Very cute.

  4. What a lovely post! I especially love your front cover :) I haven't particularly liked other Adelphis that I've seen in photos, but this one is beautiful. Your address tab is giving me all sorts of lovely ideas...

  5. Thank you Hannah. I'm glad to have given you some ideas! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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