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The Beginning

Here is my attempt to share my life with you all. You will learn about the things I love and hate, the things I do and don't, and I hope that by sharing this with you will somehow give you some ideas in your life, and maybe learn things you never knew before. So please enjoy!

I have a love for crafts, stationary, stickers, nails & nail polishes, beauty products, hair, cosmetics, organizing, filofaxes, and the color PURPLE!!!

Let's start of my introducing you to my first filofax. What is a filofax? For those of you who don't know. A filofax is a personal organizer/ day planner. Filofax is a company based in the UK that produces a range of well known personal organizer wallets. But how did I even find out about filofaxes? Well, one day I was watching my favorite professional organizer Alejandra Costello on YouTube. She did a video about "How to Organize Your Wallet, Credit Cards & Gift Cards.

Here's the link if you want to watch it: How to Organize Your Wallet...

Anyways, someone had made a comment about how they use a Filofax as a wallet. So, I researched about the product, and knew instantly I had to get one. I purchased a Filofax Pocket Adelphi in Damson from (from Paradise Pen Company).  And sure enough it was love at first filofax. =)

 How nice of them to send a handwritten thank you note. =)

 How it fits in my hand.------->
It's size compared to a DVD case.


  1. Purple and Filofax.... my two favourtie loves!

  2. Such an honor to have you as my first comment! Thanks Gail!


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