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How I Organize My Stickers - Pt.2 & Mini Staples Haul

Here's is my continued post on how I store my stickers in response to a blog post by IMYSWORLD.

Here's some stuff I got at staples today. 

Stuff for sticker storage and a Day-Timer Mom Planner A5 size. 
I couldn't resist that Teal color! Plus, I liked the inserts. 

 Here is Imy's problem, if I put the stickers inside the clear binder sheet, they start to bend because they're too heavy.

Here's my Solution #1: Binder Pockets with velcro closure. It's strong enough to hold 20 sheets of paper/stickers.

Staples - Guessetted Binder Pocket in Purple inside the Staples Binder
Staples - Guessetted Binder Pocket in Purple next to the rings of the A5 day-timer.
 Solution #2 - 13 pocket check file 
Fits those sticker sheets perfectly.This is smaller than my other expanding files. It's great if you don't have that many stickers and like to carry stickers with you in your purse, etc.


 Solution #3 - Cut out some heavy cardstock in A5 (5/12 x 8 1/2) 
I used 110 lb. weight.

Placed the card stock inside the clear poly envelopes to give it some weight. It also helps to see the item better.

See no more bending. Plus, I only use one sheet of stickers in front and one sheet in the back of it.

 Here I've added the pocket binders in the back for my other stickers & Hello Kitty Stickers because I have so many of those. I used Post-It Filing Tabs with my label maker machine to create those tabs.

 I tried to create another solution, but it didn't work. I put scotch tape together to create a tab on the sticker sheet wrapper and hole punched it. But as soon as I put it in the binder it ripped as you can see especially on the first hole. FAIL! 

Here are those Day-Timer inserts. I will use this mainly as a stay-at-home planner.