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Stationary haul #1 & Highlighters

I found a Morning Glory store by my work and found more goodies! 

 I got some hello kitty, cute animals, and these small little Korean stickers. 
And a personal sized refill WO2P in pink. 

 Here's some schedule stickers

 Polka dot washi/fabric tape in blue & purple. 

 Pocket sized calendar refills Purple of course! 

 A lavender 4+1 Multi-pen by ibis
(Colors: Black/ Red/ Blue/ Green ballpoint + a Mechanical Pencil )

So, I've been looking for the best highlighters. I bought these from Target and I thought they were crap!

Pilot - Frixon Erasable Highlighters 
 Look how streaky and how it smears the ink!!!! Yuck! 

 On another day, I visited my local Office Max in search of some highlighters.

I found these Sharpie Gel Highlighters. There's are surprisingly very smooth. It's hard to describe. It's as soft as a glue stick, but when you run it it's so smooth. When you need more, you twist the bottom. It's claims not to smear your ink. The color however doesn't stand out much. If I would use these, I'd only use the yellow one. 

These are Regular Sharpie Marker Highlighters. Narrow Chisel point. These also claim not the smear. I found these to have a very saturated color. I wish they were more neon? Especially the orange color. I can hardly make out my writing.

I picked up some Pilot - Frixon Erasable Gel Pens 
There are the medium ball point pens. 

Here's a sample I've done. 

I found these day-time hot lists that fit perfectly in my pocket filofax! I use this for my shopping list for the week.


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