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Stationery Haul #2

I forgot whose blog or what site I saw this from but they posted a link to this cute store from Etsy - called Charmstore. They sell cute Japanese & Korean Stationery/ Craft items. I bought some stuff right away. I'm in the US and it was shipped from Hong Kong so it felt like it took forever to get to me. Anyways, here are the six (6) items I bought:

More packaging.

6 items purchaced ordered Aug. 25, 2012. Received on Sept. 14, 2012.

Happy Life Diary Cute Deco Stamp Set (1 wooden box, 25 stamps)

Momoi Korean transparent adhesive journal Stickers - 6 sheets set

Kawaii Deco Adhesive Tape - Pastel Masking Stickers - 27 sheets
I visited the local Morning Glory store near my work again and picked up a few items.
A zip pocket/ pouch, a pen holder, pink polka dot washi/fabric tape, and some pens.

These are the brands of pens I picked up. 

I got 4 MACH 3 pens in Green, Purple, Pink, and Orange with a .38 fine point tip. A Pilot Hi-Tec C pen in a light blue color 0.3 point tip. A Nano 3 Multi-Gel Pen in Black, Blue, & Red ink with a 0.3 point tip.


  1. Ohhh you are going to LOVE the masking tape. I bought mine on Ebay (I found it much cheaper) but I'm also a big fan of Etsy :)

    1. @Alondra - I'm using them and you're right! I'm loving them! Where did you find them on ebay? Can you send me the link?

  2. Sorry I am replying super late lol I had no idea you had replied to my comment :) This is where I buy the masking tape


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