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Welcome to the Family - Purple Finchley

My long awaited Filofax from the UK finally arrived yesterday. It was stuck in US customs for over 21 days! I wish they hadn't kept it so long. It was getting nervous that it would never come. FYI: For those who want to order internationally, that it has to go through customs, and that customs could hold it up to a month! Better late than never!

Sent from Sally in the UK.

Love these black boxes!

Greeted with a handmade Thank You card! Thank you Sally =)

In all it's glory: Personal Finchley in Imperial Purple
I really, really LOVE this color!!! 

Not laying flat, but that's ok. Just needs to be trained a bit.

    All together now!!!! 
 Left to Right:

  •  A5 Day-Timer Blue/Teal
  •  A5 Typo Diary Rich Tan
  • Personal Finchley Imperial Purple
  • Pocket Adelphi Damson
  • Pocket Malden Grey


  1. I think the Finchley now sadly discontinued will become quite a classic design, I have a Mini, and the detail in the stitching and the overall design of it is very understated, not flashy, but it's very nicely made and you never hear of problems with the Finchleys either. Definitely one of the better models in recent times.

    The Aston effectively replaces it, but it's not quite as classy in the design of the outside.

    1. Very well said Steve. It makes me want to collect them all! I remember debating if I should get the Aston, but thankfully, through the wonders of Facebook, it lead me to a fellow Filofax user who sold me hers. I think I owe that to you for creating Filofax for Philofaxy Fans. =)

  2. HELLO KITTY!!!!! What is that? I am intrigued! ^^
    Lovely colour coordinated collection too :)

    1. @Tina - That is a hello kitty key chain. I think they come in different colors. Of course, I had to get the purple one. =) Thank you for visiting!

    2. It's adorable!! I would've gotten a pink one tho :P No worries!! xx

  3. I love the Finchley too - one of my favourites. I have a Vintage Rose A5 which I love. It has such a lovely feel to it which just improves with age. I love the look of your Day Timer as well - such a pretty colour. I'd love a Franklin Covey Compact binder but can't find one at all on their UK site!

  4. I've been intrigued for some time by the Finchley and would love to buy one in personal size. I've seen them in red at half price!! but the purple is definately the only one. I notice that the zipped compartment is at the back, do you find it hard to write on the right hand side, does the zipper create a bit of a bump. The photos are really great.


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