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Filofax prepping for 2013 Part. 2

I will switch from my Personal Holborn to my Personal Finchley.
 Here are the dividers I have made using Cardstock from DCWV Animal Crackers Matstack. I used the same print in different colors.For the tabs, I used Martha Stewart's small plastic dividers as a template.

Here is the week on two pages un-numbered inserts from Morning Glory. I numbered them myself, but I am not liking it much. Instead, I think will be using Filofax inserts WO2P in cotton cream. Each month will be separated by monthly Filofax cotton cream dividers.
Before each month is a list of birthdays and important dates for that month.

Filofax prepping for 2013 Part. 1

I know I am already thinking ahead even though we still have about two more months to go. Here are some things I have been trying to consider.

I went to Target and found this on clearance:

So, I tried it out inside my Personal Holborn.

I am still able to clasp it closed. But I just do not like how far it sticks out. Maybe if I kept it all the way in the back, I would still be able to see my other dividers. I don't know. 

As of now, I keep my monthly calendar and my weekly calendar separate. With the Mead inserts and the Day-Runner in my previous post, the months and weeks are combined. It is nice if you are trying to keep things down to a minimum, but it doesn't quite work for the way I have things going right now. 

Here is a comparison of some pages:

Filofax Week #42

It has been a busy couple of weeks for me. It was my husband's 30th birthday on the 12th and I had a big surprise birthday party planned out. I'm happy to say my plans were a huge success! Turning 30 can be such a depressing age. You are no longer in your twenties, it just feels like, geez 30 years of my life has now gone by. You reflect on what you have and haven't accomplished. Some a sad by the fact that you are not going to get your youth back. My husband has a lot to be proud of and I am glad we were able to celebrate with lots of family and friends. 
As for me, I have switched out of my Pocket Malden into my Personal Holborn. I needed to get a monthly insert and after failing miserably to print out Ray & Steve's inserts, I needed something else, and quick. So, I went to my local Staples. Almost no luck, they didn't have anymore 2012 refills. Luckily they had some 2012/2013 planners on sale. So, I found this Weekly/Monthly Day Runner.
I wanted only the mont…

My Filofax Personal Holborn Wine Setup

Just wanted to share with you how I've setup my Personal Holborn. I made some dividers with cardstock from the DCWV Gilded Orchard stack. 

I am using six dividers: 
Monthly - month on two pages (day-runner)Weekly - week on two pages (filofax) Notes - for lists, inventory, and random thingsBlog - post ideas, drafts, blogsites, Financial - need to learn how to manage my money; also used for passwords; billsAddresses - where I save information on favorite stores I shop (address, phone, store hours, website) 

Muji Erasable Pens + Filofax week #40 & #41

I saw these pens from Angela at Paperlovestory. I was trying to look for an alternative to the Pilot Frixon pens, so thanks to Angela for doing that review! I purchased mine from ebay for $20 US from Japan.

 I got 8 pens in 0.5mm nibs. This was written on cotton cream filofax paper. I remember someone questioning on Facebook how colored ink appears on cotton creme paper.I would day the colors come out just fine.
 Here I wrote: Hello my name is Jennifer. These pens work by the frictional heat generated by the eraser on the cap vs Pilot Frixon pens where the eraser is on the bottom of the pen. This is what bugged me about the Frixons because if you are the type of person who puts the cap on the end of the pen, then you wouldn't be able to erase. 
I erased more words out. I also like how these erase. Seems to erase more ink than a frixon. Another reason why I got the Muji pens was because of the range of color. I use different color pens in my filofax. I have a post a while back…

My Lovely Holborn

Look what arrived the other day! It's the Personal Holborn in Wine! Lovely - was the first word I thought and that's what I've decided to call her. It's a deep reddish. It goes well with my growing collection of filofaxes. Perfect color for this fall season. As I opened it, I was surprised at how many pockets it has. I knew it had a lot of pockets, but not this much. I haven't seen all these pockets in pictures before so I thought I would show them to you all before I filled them up.

Left side: 

 Right side:
This is very exciting. I might just move out of Mrs. Malden into this for the last months of 2012. Can't wait to make some dividers for this. I already know which paper to use! But it will have to wait because today my husband turns 30. I have been busy planning a surprise birthday party for him. I hope it will be a success! Wish me luck! =)

Gelly Roll Stardust Glitter Pens

Hello everyone! I thought I would share with you my latest obsession. 

I first found these pens at an asian store which no longer exists, and at the college bookstore at the college I attended at the time. 

As stated on their website:

"A falling star was caught, and star twinkle was stirred right into gel ink to add delight and wonder to any writing style.
Song lyrics often refer to the bright starlight in the night sky; in stories, fairies and pixies always hold a wand that trails glittery stardust. Gelly Roll Stardust captures the sparkle and glitter of stars to make handwriting extra-special.
Don't underestimate the extraordinary value of a handwritten note. Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, so why not add a little glimmer to a signature style. The stunning Gelly Roll Stardust sparkles best on light colored or matte paper surfaces."

Gelly Roll Stardust is a pigment-based archival quality ink and is indicated in each color name with t…

Stationary Haul #3

Hi everyone! Just wanted to do a quick post on some new goodies I got. I ordered some things from Filofax USA to get ready for 2013. I cant wait to try out the WO2P in cotton cream!!! I also got the clear and frosted rulers. I will do a review on that soon.

Here are some things I picked up at Morning Glory. I picked up some personal sized refills. These refills really fit filofax nicely. I will also do a post on this soon. I've been obsessing over Gelly Pens by Sakura. I'm trying to complete my collection. Here they are close up. Watch out for my reviews coming soon!!! =)

2012 - Birthday Girl Cards

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share a few cards I've made for birthday girls this year. 

Starting with the most recent card I made for a baby girl's 1st birthday. The invitation said,"Guess WHO is turning ONE!" and the theme was owls. So, I thought of an owl themed card. 

 Stamped with these cute owl stamps I think I found at Michael's with Momento Rose Bud Ink. Then colored in with copic markers. Used paper from the "hello summer" echo park paper pad. Sentiment stamp is from C.C Designs Party Time Logos Then wrapped with a little bit of pink twince from Doodlebug Twine Assortment, baby girl.I used AmyR's Card Template here.  
 Here are two other birthday cards I made using C.C. Designs Swiss Pixie Birthday Gretel and C.C. Designs Swiss Pixie Brithday Lucy. Again stamped with AmyR Best Birthday Wishes Stamps.