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Filofax prepping for 2013 Part. 1

I know I am already thinking ahead even though we still have about two more months to go. Here are some things I have been trying to consider.

I went to Target and found this on clearance:

Mead - Weekly/ Monthly Refill

So, I tried it out inside my Personal Holborn.
pre-tabbed pages

Here it is behind filofax pages. Look how much it sticks out.

Don't know if you can see how much it sticks out.

It's really sticks out when closed. 

I am still able to clasp it closed. But I just do not like how far it sticks out. Maybe if I kept it all the way in the back, I would still be able to see my other dividers. I don't know. 

As of now, I keep my monthly calendar and my weekly calendar separate. With the Mead inserts and the Day-Runner in my previous post, the months and weeks are combined. It is nice if you are trying to keep things down to a minimum, but it doesn't quite work for the way I have things going right now. 

Here is a comparison of some pages:

Week on two pages in Filofax white, Filofax Cotton Cream, Mead White

Filofax - Week on two pages (lined)

Filofax - Week on two pages (Cotton Cream)


  1. I saw the same inserts today! Funny. Glad I didn't buy them. I would not be able to live with the fact that they stick out.

    1. @Alondra - Yes, I had to try them since they were on clearance. I will test them out and try to make it work.

  2. I just bought those inserts! I cut the weekly ones down to be the "right" size (trimmed off the holes and re-punched) and they work perfectly for me. The monthly ones didn't cut down as nicely but that didn't matter to me as I already have some for next year.

    1. @Amy - Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely try this. I wouldn't want those inserts to go to waste. Look out for a blog post of this soon! =)


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