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Filofax prepping for 2013 Part. 2

 I will switch from my Personal Holborn to my Personal Finchley.

 Here are the dividers I have made using Cardstock from DCWV Animal Crackers Matstack. I used the same print in different colors.For the tabs, I used Martha Stewart's small plastic dividers as a template.

Up close and personal. See the texture and how glittery it is.

Keeping it simple. 4 dividers

Here are those stickers from Morning Glory. Pre-punched, fits just right.
Here is the week on two pages un-numbered inserts from Morning Glory. I numbered them myself, but I am not liking it much. Instead, I think will be using Filofax inserts WO2P in cotton cream. Each month will be separated by monthly Filofax cotton cream dividers.

Before each month is a list of birthdays and important dates for that month.


  1. What made you switch from the lovely Holborn to the Finchley? Color? ;)

    greetz Lady Filo (

    1. @Lady-Filo - Well Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog. =) My thinking was that the Holborn since it's a wine color seems like a it goes with the season (Christmas/ Thanksgiving/ Fall/ Winter). So, you are right it is because of the color. Also because I have this beautiful Purple Finchley that I wanted since I got into Filofaxes, now just sitting patiently on my shelf. It needs some love <3.

    2. It's almost christmas ;)
      sorry to see you move out. But I do understand about the TLC for all your Filo's. :) I do have a purple finchley in a5 but moved out of it a while a go. How was your first experience with the Holborn? I'm considering one in personal size as well.


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