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Muji Erasable Pens + Filofax week #40 & #41

 I saw these pens from Angela at Paperlovestory. I was trying to look for an alternative to the Pilot Frixon pens, so thanks to Angela for doing that review! I purchased mine from ebay for $20 US from Japan.

 I got 8 pens in 0.5mm nibs. This was written on cotton cream filofax paper. I remember someone questioning on Facebook how colored ink appears on cotton creme paper.I would day the colors come out just fine.

 Here I wrote: Hello my name is Jennifer. These pens work by the frictional heat generated by the eraser on the cap vs Pilot Frixon pens where the eraser is on the bottom of the pen. This is what bugged me about the Frixons because if you are the type of person who puts the cap on the end of the pen, then you wouldn't be able to erase. 

I erased more words out. I also like how these erase. Seems to erase more ink than a frixon. Another reason why I got the Muji pens was because of the range of color. I use different color pens in my filofax. I have a post a while back showing my legend of colors. As you can imagine, my filofax is very colorful. I plan on trying out the Pilot Frixon clickable pens as the eraser is on the top of the pen, but unfortunately there isn't much of a wide range of colors.
The back side of the page - Ink did not bleed through or indent the paper.

Here was how my last two weeks were. Just wanted to share them with you. =) 
Week #40
Week #41

 Today the family and I went to our annual Pumpkin Patch in Redlands, CA.  This year, here is what I found:
My dream home!!!! Just kidding! But it is PURPLE, my favorite color, just in case you didn't know that already!
Also, some purple corn!