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My Lovely Holborn

Look what arrived the other day! It's the Personal Holborn in Wine! Lovely - was the first word I thought and that's what I've decided to call her. It's a deep reddish. It goes well with my growing collection of filofaxes. Perfect color for this fall season. As I opened it, I was surprised at how many pockets it has. I knew it had a lot of pockets, but not this much. I haven't seen all these pockets in pictures before so I thought I would show them to you all before I filled them up.

Left side: 
Left hand full pocket & 6 credit card pockets & 1 curved stiched pocket
Right hand full pocket

Right hand full pocket with fill zipper pocket and 1 pen loop

 Right side:
Left hand full pocket
This is very exciting. I might just move out of Mrs. Malden into this for the last months of 2012. Can't wait to make some dividers for this. I already know which paper to use! But it will have to wait because today my husband turns 30. I have been busy planning a surprise birthday party for him. I hope it will be a success! Wish me luck! =)


  1. Ah! It's sooo pretty. Mine came in yesterday too and it's just wonderful. I am completely in love :)

  2. Jennifer I have a couple of observations....

    1. It's not purple... is this allowed? !!!!
    2. It does look a very nice organiser, the finish looks a lot better than the sample I was given on loan to review a few months back. That one was brown and very 'flat' in it's leather finish, I like some shine in leather finish myself.

    I recently got an A5 Holborn zip and I really am liking that as my work Filofax.

    Thanks for sharing your new Filofax

    1. @Steve - Nice observation. True it is not purple, but wine is just as nice. I thought of it this way, if you mix it with blue you get purple. So, in a way, it's in the color family. =) I also love how the leather is not too stiff, at yet not too floppy. It's just right. I'm really glad to have it.

      @Alondra - It is pretty. It kinda of reminds me of red roses. @}--%----


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