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Wake Me Up When September Ends - Filo Update

"Summer has come and passed...." -Green Day

It definitely feels like the days are getting shorter and shorter. Christmas & the new year is fast approaching, again. Which reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with some friends. The older you get, the more Christmas isn't so fun anymore. As we get older, it's much more about giving than receiving. I'm already preparing for Christmas gifts and what wrapping paper I will use this year. But even before that, I'm turning another year older exactly one month from today. Time sure does fly and here I am at 3am typing up a blog post because this is the only time I have, when everyone is asleep! I thought I would update you on how I've been using my filofaxes. 

  • Mrs. Malden - My everyday filofax
     Still able to clasp together.
    • I moved out of my pocket Adelphi into my pocket malden as soon as I got her. I do use her as a wallet/ planner. 
    •  I got this idea from Filofax Fantasies to carry my iPhone in the Notepad pocket. It's so nice when I don't carry around a purse/ bag, I have everything I need in one place.
    • My handmade dividers. Same pattern, different colors.

    View from the top. Just enough space.
    iPhone 5 in notepad pocket
    • September was a busy month for me, planning my daughter's 6th birthday, and just going through some stress in my personal life. 
Week 37
Week 38

Week 39
  • Pocket Adelphi - Blog Filofax
    • I now use this filofax for blogging, and it's already set-up and ready to go to 2013. I've printed out some of Ray & Steve's WO2P inserts to try out the bigger spacing for the weekends. I also printed some blog pages by Paperlovestory
      • *btw: Thank you for sharing these!!!
    •  I also tried to create my own month on two page inserts on some lavender colored cardstock, and then realized they were too thick of a paper to keep in my everyday filofax, so I transferred them into here. 

Hope you've enjoyed this post. Thanks again for visiting! =) 


  1. You are making me like the pocket purple malden even more. I like how you have been able to slip your iphone into it. Thanks for sharing all the photos. :)

    1. Thank you. My Pocket Malden is Grey. I will someday like to have a purple malden too! =)

  2. Just lovely! I love purple tooo (and that song!). I also really like the monthly calendar you made in purple...nice job! Very nice photos. :)

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Glad to see we share the same likes. I'm a bit of a purplemaniac! =P

  3. Thanks for the mention and link :)

    So lovely to see how the custom inserts are being used as it helps me to tweak and change when designing new ones! I also love your handwriting x

    1. So honored to have you read my blog, Angela! Thank you for what you do! I tried to print your insert in pocket size, and I found them to be too small or that the margins are a bit too big maybe. I'm glad this helps you too. =)


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