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Filofax Adventures Part. 2

This was actually a craft store adventure which turned into a Filofax finding! WHO KNEW?!? 
I was looking for a store called Stamp You Heart Out in Claremont, CA. I got a little lost and saw a little store called Cloud 9. It looked like a card/stationery shop, so I figured why not check it out. I'm already here anyway. If you are looking for customzed invitations and cards, then this is the perfect place! They had a nice display of examples they can do. You can also order customized stamps. They had a nice selection of specialty papers as well. But what caught the corner of my eye was a little Filofax display! What? I had this little bit of excitement, I could tell the sales lady thought I must have been crazy. Here I was, the only one in the store, and I wanted to scream for joy. For the first time, I got to see and touch a small selection of Filofaxes. They had some Classics, Finsburys, Metropols, Chameleons and Flexes. Also, they had refills and inserts. I was able to really see the difference between a Pocket, Personal, and Compacts. I got a somewhat feel for the A5 size in the Flex. I almost wanted to buy one just for the sake of it being there, but I didn't. I was just glad to have that little hands-on experience with some Filofaxes.

So, eventually I found the store I was looking for in the first place. This is also a great store. Lots of selection of paper pads, stamps,  and other crafting materials. 

Here is my little haul: 

Washi Tape, Envelope template, Masking Stickers, Paper Clips

Look how cute these Heart Shaped Paper Clips are!

Penny Black Stamps


  1. I live right near there and never knew these stores existed... Thanks for the discovery!! =D


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