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Filofax Adventures Part.1- Swain's

I find that living in the US, it is hard to come across Filofax products. When I do find a place that sells them, it's like I've found  - TREASURE!!! I always envy others, especially those in the UK, because they have great places to get Filofaxes and other Filofax products. I am going to start a new segment called Filofax Adventures. When I do find a place, or have a Filofax discovery, I will do my best to post about it. I hope you all enjoy. I do live in Southern California, so most of my findings will be around this particular area.

I looked on "Find a Retailer" on the FilofaxUSA website first. I saw that this particular store had a Gold Account, so I was expecting to see a decent selection of Filofax products.

So, my first adventure was to visit: Swain's Art Supplies & ToyFun in Glendale, CA.  

I was very dissapointed. I was surprised to see NO FILOFAXES. Unless, I didn't see them? I went into the Planner/ Organizer section. All the had were inserts/ refills. I don't even remember if they had a good selection. Just your usual monthly and weekly inserts, colored paper, in either Personal or Pocket sized. I felt it was a waste of my time to drive out so far only to find refills. =(

I wanted to see actual planners. Hold them in my hands. Get a hands-on feel for each different one. But not here. I was even excited to see their scrapbooking products, but even with that I was dissapointed. No stamps to be found. They did have a good selection of pens and markers and art supplies. I didn't want to waste a trip out there, so I bought some copic markers, and a couple pens. So much for an adventure! Better luck next time...



  1. The Filofax site listed a few stores that carried Filofax products in my city but when I actually called them, they really didn't. I was so disappointed. I wanted to see them firsthand before I bought them. Oh, well. It's worked out okay.

  2. That sucks. I have been very lucky to find a couple of shops here in Switzerland (Zurich & Baden) with a good selection, but I wouldn't buy them here - the prices are astronomical... :-)


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