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Filofax frustrations!@#$%^&*

It's not planner fail. It's planner frustration I'm having. Just going to ramble on here. Hope I figure something out. I'd love to hear your suggestions. I was in my Personal Holborn.

My dilemma: 
  1. Love the all the pockets/ Don't like the back pocket, wish it was like the Malden/Baroque.
  2. Love my set-up/Carrying around too much information that I don't need.
  3. Love the leather/ Really wish it was PURPLE!
  4. Love my dividers/ Feels so bulky and getting heavy
  5. Love the writing space/ 
 Current solution: Using two filofaxes: Personal Holborn (stays at home) and go back to the Pocket Malden.

My dilemma:

  1. Not loving the pockets. No were to put my cards. 
  2. Using pocket credit card holders/ making it a bit bulky. 
  3. Rings are in the way when I write
  4. Pen loop is *thumbs down* so stiff it can't hold the pens I want. 
  5. Nice and compact in my hand. I don't really carry around a bag. I have a small crossbody I use every now and then. Too much to carry with two kids. Already carry a heavy diaper bag & a bottle bag.
My Options:
  • Pocket Holborn in Wine
  • Pocket Baroque in Black
  • Personal Baroquein Black/ Turquoise
  • Personal Finchley in Purple
  • Compact Holborn in Wine
  • Compact Osterley in Wine
  • Use two filofaxes at once (double writing)
Funny thing is I already have my Personal Finchley set-up for 2013. I think LucyLastic will agree with me when I say, "I wish filofax would make a Holborn in Purple"! or a Baroque in Purple! Now that would be a dream come true.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Filofax frustration. I love my personal Holborn and agree with it came in other colors. I am a mother to a 1 yr. old boy so, as we both know, time management is everything. Even though I use my Holborn for everything, I don't mind leaving her at home when I'm out and about. My iPhone and planner go hand-in-hand so I refer to my phone if I don't have my planner. Hope you find an end to your frustrations. :)

  2. Don't you wish we could just design what we want and have them make it - but at a reasonable price?!!! I'm like you - I like parts of each one and if I could put together the parts (and colors) I like I'd be one happy planner!


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