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Filofax Adventures Part.3

Here we travel to Newport Beach, CA to visit Newport Stationers and Francis Orr in Corona Del Mar, CA. Again, I found these store from the Filofax USA website.

First stop was to Newport Stationers. For having a "Gold" account with Filofax, I had high expectations. It is located next to a Gelson's Market. As I walked in, I saw the Filofax stand to my left, and sad to say, looked pretty sad. The stand looked like it hadn't been touched in ages. Stocked with very few Filofaxes, mainly classics in black. No real variety. I did have a small encounter with a lady who rushed in trying to find inserts for her what looked like Louis Vuitton (LV) Organizer. I gladly pointed her in the right direction. And noticed her grab some Filofax inserts. I ended up leaving feeling like I've come so far again to find not much. So, on we went to the next store.

Thus we arrived at Francis Orr. It was a difficult store to find. The parking lot was in the back, and there was an event going on, so we didn't know where to park. Luckily when we turned the corner, we found the front of the store, and a parking spot right in front of it. The sign was hard to read and was covered by the trees in the front.

Front of the store
Upon entering the store, this is what I saw. I felt I was in a little bit of Filofax heaven. I never saw so many filofaxes in one place, and the varitey was wonderful!!! I felt so happy to finally get to experience different ones in my hands. So many different ranges at least a couple of each one. From Classics, Lizard, Enigma, Classic, Boston, Cuban, Holborn, Finsbury, Chameleons, and many more. The ones that grabbed my attention most was a Slimline Deco in Ruby and the Osterleys in Plum! I wish I could've bought some. I can't wait to go back when I have the money. 

Francis Orr in Corona Del Mar 
Unfortunately, I didn't have much time browsing as I got to the store about 30 minutes before closing. I was lucky to catch them on time. I hope to visit this store again very soon!!! In conclusion, I was very happy with this finding!!!! This was well worth the drive!!! What an adventure this day was!


  1. Glad you find a bit of Filofax heaven, I've not found a decent range yet in the UK, think I need to go to the shop in London.

  2. This is the biggest Filofax collects I've seen in the US. Sam Flax in NYC has a decent selection, but still smaller than what this picture represents. What a great find!


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