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December - Month in Review 2012 Part 1

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a very fun and safe celebration. As for my family and I, we celebrated with our family. First of all, I want to show you all what I got for Christmas. My hubby got me a Compact Plum Osterley Filofax!!!! I was super happy and I cannot wait to show it to you all. 
Here she is: 

 I really love this color, not to mention that I have clothes to match with it! 
I had to move in right away, sorry Holborn! But I needed a change. This lovely diary came with cotton cream inserts. Pens & Leather was so kind enough to give me a a couple end months of 2012. So, moving in was no problem. Here's my set-up along with my dividers. 
Inside the front of the Filofax & Front of Calendar Divider
I do use this as a planner/ wallet combo. 
I only carry my cards, a 2013 horizontalyear planner, 3 months worth of WO2P inserts (week on two pages), 3 sheets of To Do pages, 3 pages of lined paper, and 3 pages of blank paper, and 3 pages worth of cards (membership cards, stamp cards, health cards for personal and work) and gift cards on the back.
Back of Calendar Divider & My Legend for all the colored pens I use. 

 Front of Diary Divider
Back of Diary Divider
Front of Notes Divider - Holds To Do lists, Note papers
Back of Notes Divider
more cards, etc.
gift cards and the pen I use: Uni-bal Signo DX Gel Ink Pen - 0.38mm - Bordeaux Black
 So, far I am really enjoying carrying this around, I get to use Personal sized paper, so there is lots of room to decorate my paper with washi tape, stamps, and stickers. It's not heavy to carry. If I need my wallet, I don't need to whip out such a big planner full of information. In case you are wondering, I am having zero issues with it, the leather is great (Italian Calf Leather). Seems very durable and long lasting. It opened flat out of the box. I do use both pen loops, although it is awkward to close with two pen loops.And why they designed it this way, who knows, but definitely not a good idea. No issues with the rings, no gaps, and paper turns easily without getting caught.


  1. It is beautiful! I love your matching dividers. I got the orange compact osterley as a Christmas present to myself, and I am using it as a wallet/planner with a very similar setup to yours. I LOVE mine and it makes me happy every time I pull it out to use it! Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. @Robyn - Thank you. Yes, I always try to match. The color of the Orange is beautiful as well. I really like the Osterley range. =) Glad you are happy with yours. Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

  2. could you tell me who you bought your dividers from?


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