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My Filofax Week #1

Hello everyone!!! 
I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to blog much but I have been busy with work and life. However, I have been active in a few filofax things such as Carla's Filofax Photo-a-day challenge, which I have been posting pictures on my Instagram and Twitter. If you would also like so join, it's never too late to hop in!

Also, I would like to feature my weeklies again. With the invitation of Angela Paper Lovestory, I will participate in her "my week" posts. That will force me to post at least once a week! So, here is my first week of the new year. Enjoy! Again, thank you to everyone who continue visit my blog! 

Oooh? TOP SECRET! Philofaxy readers will soon find out!!! =)


  1. Your hand writing is so neat and in line! Do you take your pages out to write on them? Its so hard for me to keep neat in my planner because of the rings! lol

  2. @Suzee- Thank you. This is one of the reasons why I love the compact sized Filofax. The rings don't get in the way. Honestly, with the personal and pocket filofax I did have to remove the pages, but not with the compact.

    1. Glad to hear that; I can't wait to get my Compact!


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