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My Filofax Week #2

Hello All! A very eventful week it was for me this week. I'll start of by showing you how it went.

The first half of the week.
 My daughter went back to school on Monday. She had been on break since Nov. (Thanksgiving time). That means mommy/ daddy/ & baby have to wake up early again. I enrolled my oldest in Ballet. She's always dancing and singing around. I've been a bit stressed out with my job. The company hasn't been doing well, and some days I've been getting cancelled because we don't have enough patients. Also, I kept hearing that we might close down. I can't afford to be guessing if I'll have a job the next day, so for my new years resolution, I thought I would update my resume and start looking around for a more secure job. 
Please, wish me luck!

 Ever since we came back from Hawaii, we started going to this Asian market here called - MARUKAI. They sell Asian groceries as well as lots of Hawaiian goodies.  We have been frequenting here lately.

The second half of the week
 As I said on my previous post that I joined in's "My week" posts. Low and behold! She chose me as her first WINNER!!!!
So, thank you, Angela for that! 
You can see the post she did here!

Here's in the view with out the extra inserts in the way.
I'm having an issue with my Grey Pocket Malden, where if you try to insert a pen in the pen loop, it get stuck because the leather is coming off on the inside. Anyone else have this problem?
I have spoken to Filofax about it. Since in still under warranty, hopefully they can fix this, if not exchange it for something else.

On another note, on my previous post I mentioned something "TOP SECRET". If you haven't guessed it, the secret has been revealed. Steve (The Philofaxy King) persuaded me to be a "Reader Under the Spotlight." Thank you Steve, I was more that glad to do it! 
If you haven't seen the post at Philofaxy yet, you can read it HERE
Lastly, to end off the week, I bought three more PURPLE Filofaxes to add to my collection! Yes, THREE all at once!

Thanks for visiting! =)


  1. That problem with the pen loop happened to me. I put a little blob of glue on the inside surface of the leather and pushed it back and I've not had any issues since.

    1. @Steve - I'm afraid to fix it myself. I'd rather Filofax deal with it.

  2. We have a Marukai here as well. I love it not only for the good food and snacks but because I've also found some cute stickers and inserts for my Filofax.

    1. @Carla - Isn't it great! We have a little hello kitty section too, I haven't had the chance to really look around. I bet I would find stuff for my Filofax!

  3. I love Marukai! The best part is the cute stickers and stationery supplies are so cheap!


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