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A List of Purple Filofax Organizers

Aside from my current wishlist of Filofax organizers that I hope to own in the near future, I decided to research on exactly what PURPLE Filofax organizers actually exsist. Please feel free to contribute if I have missed any. I have now realized that i would be nearly impossible to own all of them, but hey, a girl can try!

I will start off with the one's I actually own:
(NOTE: I have not listed them by size just by color, 
also some are not exactly purple but are in the purple family) 

  • MALDEN - Purple
  • FINCHLEY - Imperial Purple
  • ADELPHI - Damson
  • APEX - Fuchsia
  • SONGBIRD - Purpple
  • METROPOL - Lavender
  • DOMINO - (Ultra Violet), Violet, Grape, Lavender
  • OSTERLEY - Plum
  • HOLBORN - Wine 
  • THE ORIGINAL - Patent Purple
  • SAFFIANO - Bright Purple
  • DECO - Amethyst
  • PENNYBRIDGE - Purple
  • FINSBURY - Purple, Raspberry
  • LIZARD - Black Currant
  • BOSTON - Ultra Violet
  • ASTON - Orchid
  • TEMPERLEY - Violet
  • CLASSIC - Lilac
  • FLEX - Purple
  • PIAZZA - Violet
  • TOPAZ - Purple, Wine
  • LUXE - Black Currant
  • WINCHESTER - Purple
  • PORTOBELLO - Fuchsia
New/ Soon to be released models:
  • CHARLESTON - Purple


  1. I'm not sure if you should consider the Richmond Burgundy a purple; it's really red-brown. There are pictures of it on the Philofaxy FB page photo album. There is also a Windsor in the identical colour, which you have not listed.

  2. Oooh the purple Finsbury Mini Zipped is on my wish list too, and the black ... (I have a red one and its gorgeous, but oh that purple ...) Good luck with your collection - in time you may well have a complete set, who knows! Thats the fun of collecting :)

  3. Hey Jennifer: Ooh, I'm waiting on the Charleston release as well, but I can't find any info on it. Do you know the ring size or configuration of the inside pockets? I'm hesitant to order without knowing, kwim? lol


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