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Filofax Adventures Part.4

This post is very long over due! I traveled to Vroman's Bookstore in I went here back in November 2012 for my birthday. I found this store through the Filofax - Find a Retailer search.

695 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91101
(Fax) 626-792-7308

 I was just floored by their selection of Filofax organizers. I felt a little taste of Filofax heaven here. A5, Personal sized, Pocket, Compact sized. Compared to the last store I went to, Francis Orr, this store had more affordable selections, like Domino, Holborn, Malden, Chameleon, Finsbury, Classic, Boston.  

 The store is filled with little note cards that highlight staff picks about their items. Here is what one staff member said about Filofax. 

 I was just so amazed by the selection that I totally saw passed this beauty! 
The ONE I've been looking for! The ONE I've been longing for! 
The Personal Malden in Purple!

 But what do I find to my dismay?

GAPS in the rings!
I've mentioned this in another blog post.

 I tested to see if it would lay flat, but not. It almost felt like it just wanted to shut closed. When I would open it, the rings would gap even more. This was not going to work! I felt distrought! I was not going to purchase it, but then in the corner of my eye, a POCKET MALDEN in PURPLE I see!

 I compared it to the Personal sized to the left. The leather felt different. No gaps in the rings either.

  I also saw this huge thing! I have never seen this before. Black Brompton Pocket. It was double zipped. Seems like it would work great as a wallet/planner. But the cover seemed like a shell. Hard! and for $150.00 No thanks.

Inside the Brompton

 This was their Filofax refill / accessories display. 

I was really happy to visit this store. I will definitely be back! Hopefully sooner than later!


  1. You're lucky. There are very few retailers selling Filofax stuff here in San Diego. I have one go-to store and that's it and the selection is very poor. I only go for inserts.

  2. Hey, do you remember how much is the classic pocket one?

  3. I've just found the second stop on my trip to Pasadena. First, the Cheesecake Factory (of "The Big Bang Theory" fame), then Vroman's!


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