Monday, February 25, 2013

Franklin Covey inserts in my Filofax

I know some of you wonder how the Franklin Covey inserts fit into a Filofax. I am using a Franklin Covey Simplicity Two-Page Monthly Calendar with Tabs in Compact size inside my Personal Metropol. 

A Franklin Covey (FC) Compact Page size is 4.25" x 6.75". 
A Filofax Personal Page size is 3 3/4" x 6 3/4". 

With that being said, the FC pages are wider. So, I thought to myself when ordering them, no problem, I will just trim a bit and repunch if needed. But, when I received them and put them into my Filofax, I tried to see if I could live without having to cut/ trim anything. So, here is what I've come up with. I re-arranged my Filofax so that these monthly pages would sit in the middle of my planner. So, that what I would close it, it's wouldn't get smashed by the pen loops or the strap. Keep in mind, the Metropol has two pen loops.

Here you can see how the FC pages are definitely wider.


I just loved this color! And no added bulk of monthly dividers because they are pre-tabbed.

Can you see how I've placed them in the middle? The pen loops are almost hugging them. When closed, the strap does not smash or bend them. 

I hope this helps some of you who are considering to purchase these refills. The paper quality I would say seems thicker than any other refill I've tried so far. 

More specifically to these FC Monthly Calender inserts, in the beginning of the month is has a Monthly Index, so you can write the date and then have more space to write information for that day. I am mainly using these inserts for my finances, writing my bills due/to be paid. 

I used to put these homemade stickers on my Weekly pages, but now that I have a different set-up, these stickers were taking up valuable writing space. 

On the back of the monthly page is a Monthly Master Task List - Personal and Business. I don't quite have a use for this, but I might eventually need to use it for something. 

Here is what they look like. 

I also decided to do a comparison in another filofax. 

You can see how it really sticks out in a Holborn.

It seems more tolerable in the Metropol. 
Here is a view without the pens in the way.

I hope this helps for those of you who want to try these inserts.

Good luck!