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My Filofax Week #13

Happy Easter Everyone!   I hope everyone had a great week, although mine started off uneventful, I'm trying to move on.

Current Filofax:  Personal Imperial Purple Finchley &
Personal Purple Songbird

This week's theme: Silver and Turquoise I chose this because some good friends of mine got married this Saturday, and their weeding color was Tiffany Blue. This is the closest I got to Tiffany blue, I think. They have been together for 15 years and are finally tying the knot!  Congratulations & Best Wishes to them. 

Pen used: Pilot FriXion Ball Slim 0.38mm - Purple
If I use extra notes, I usually attach them with washi tape onto a flyleaf that I put in between the pages. Once  the week is over, I remove them and attach them to the pages. 

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Washi Tape Collection + Tag!

Hello everyone! Here is a response video I did to Serena Bee
Here are her questions and some of my answers! 

My Pen Swatches!

*WARNING* This is going to be very picture heavy!!!!
Here are the swatches I've made with some of my pen collection.  I use this as a reference and keep these pages in a separate Filofax.  I hope you will find this useful when making pen selections.  ENJOY!

 Watch my mini haul from & eBay!!!!

Keep Calm and Be Strong

This is very hard for me to share with you all, but I want to because I have inspired all of you, and in turn you also have inspired me. I will need all the support I can to get through this difficult time in my life.  Unfortunately, I received some horrible news yesterday. The hospital has decided to stop offering it's services and I am being laid-off. I feel so overwhelmed right now, and just trying to take it one day at a time. There are a lot of things I need to figure out and and deal with, so I'm sorry if I won't be posting as much. Thank you all again for being such great fans of my work. 
Also, if you are on Facebook, you can now like "MyPurpleyLife". I have been getting so many friend requests that I made a fan page instead. This helps me manage my Facebook better and be able to better communicate with all of you and for you to communicate with me. I will be posting on there as well as my blog.
I hope you will all continue to be loyal fans and continue to f…

My Filofax Week #12

Hello everyone! Here is how my week went.

Theme: Purple & Black, Music

I went with some music washi tapes and some washi tape with birds to represent songbirds.

As you can see I have a bunch of goodies that came in. Pens, 30+ washi tapes, and stickers.

I will be doing a big washi tape video soon so keep on the look out for that.

I have been battling with lots of bad news this week. Hearing that my hospital is for sale or even closing it's doors. This has been very stressful for me as well as my family. I still haven't been paid since my last pay check, so we are starting to panic as the bills and mortgage start coming through. I will keep you all updated with that situation. In the meantime, I do ask for your prayers and support at this difficult time.

Philofaxy Meet Up - California!!!

If you haven't already seen this!
I am organizing a meet-up in California. This is open to anyone who is willing to travel to California. Also, to anyone who has a love for filofax! ( Even if you don't own one - YET! )  
So, far I already have eleven (11) people. Save your spot now!
I know some of you in California who still haven't responded! This is your chance! Don't miss out!
 If anyone is interested. Please contact me! The sooner the better!  Thank you! 
Philofaxy - Meet Up California Summer 2013

MUJI check stamp test with various inks

Hi everyone! I am sorry  I didn't get this up sooner, I've been resting because I'm not feeling well. I think I'm catching my daughter's cold. Everytime this happens I usually drown myself with Vitamin C, and start sanitizing everything from doorknobs, electronic devices, table/ counter tops, toys, and so on. Thank you all for the well wishes. I hope it doesn't get the best of me. Well, I do have some energy now, so here is what I have been up to lately. 
Liz D. who blogs at Me and My Crazy Obsessions requested if she could feature my blog on hers. She wanted to show how she is using the MUJI stamp in her Filofax. First off, good job Liz. You kind of just gotta try it and figure out what works for you. I noticed that Lori V. who blogs at The Run of It made a comment about trying to use a lighter ink which would possibly have less bleeding through the page. This gave me the idea to test out my ink pads. I do have many different inks because I already do crafts. S…

Keep Calm and Carry On

This is regards to my post about Filofax! You broke my heart!
I feel some people are going overboard here, and taking it way too seriously. I didn't mean for this to seem like this is the end of my world. Yes, I understand there are far worse things in life.  This is just about a Filofax and I'm over it!

I am shocked at the response, but I do apologize for any one who felt wronged or offended by my thoughts. This was not my intention. I do live in a country where I have the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of press. All I was merely doing was just trying to speak about my feelings over this little situation. I'm even laughing over it now. But in all seriousness, this blog is just sharing my life and my experiences, and not meant to cause any problems. I don't expect everyone to like or agree with what I have to say. So, if you don't then you are welcome to choose never to read this blog again.

My Filofax Collection #3

Here is the last of my collection. My Pockets!!!!
Pocket Damson Adelphi

        Pocket Grey Malden

 Pocket Purple Malden

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