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Decorating my Filofax!

I hope that by posting my weeks, you are able to see whatever trend I use for the week. I do plan my weeks ahead of time. I like to coordinate things and I sort of have a different theme going for each week. As you can see in some of the previous weeks, one week was "polka dots". The washi tape is polka dot. The hello kitty post-it tabs have polka dots. I like to also coordinate the colors. If some of the washi tape has purple in it, then I would choose a sticky flag or an arrow flag in that same color. For me, this makes it pleasing to the eye.

 For example, another week was stripes. This gives the look of the pages more fluidity. Not just a mish mash of a bunch of things. I try not to make it look too chaotic. I know we all strive to pretty up our pages so that our weeks don't look so boring. I still like to keep some structure. After all, it is a planner. It's supposed to help us stay organized with our lives. Do what works for you. If you like using mark it dots, stickers, washi tape, highlighters, etc. As long as it gives you that inspiration and motivation to follow through with what is in your planner, then do it. 
I'm no planner expert, but I hope that my advice helps you to better your planner.

Check out these videos!

What I use to decorate my Filofax! 

How I decorate my Filofax pages! 

Why I decorate my Filofax!

I hope this helps you in creating your pages. 


  1. Hi! I just found your videos and blog and have been enjoying them greatly. I am awaiting my first Filofax delivery next week. That's right, first one! I used Franklin Covey planners several years ago, but it was more for work. Now I use Outlook for most work things, with a boring spiral notebook for extras. My Filofax will be for personal stuff ONLY!

    I love the decorations of your planners. LOVE! I see myself being quite decorative as well because I love paper crafting already. I'm just learning about Washi tape, though. Is that something I have to order from eBay or can I find it at places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I remember hearing or reading (not sure if it was from you, or not) that some of it can be found in those stores, but the best selections will need to be ordered. As with my other hobbies, I can see myself becoming quite a hoarder of all things Filofax!

    By the way, I found you mostly because of purple. I searched on purple Filofax. Purple is the best color in the world!! I want a purple Finchley Personal size filofax! Or I hope a new similar version is released soon. I must have a purple binder!

  2. One other question, I have been reading blogs for years, but for some reason, many of the Filofax blogs ask people not to pin on Pinterest. Why is that? Doesn't it create more traffic to your blog?

    1. This is as quoted by Steve Morton as to why he does not like Pinterest "As soon as you upload your images to Pinterest… you are handing over to them the rights for them to do what they want with your images… including the sale of them". Also, I do not like how people use my pictures as their own, or not giving credit to me. I try to watermark my pictures, but sometime I don't. Unfortunately, I get people putting my pictures on their blogs without my permission. All I ask is that you link to my blog. I take the time to photograph and share what I can, don't take credit for my work is what I'm trying to say. I hope this makes sense.

  3. Thanks so much for your inspiring ideas....I will have to shoplift some of them...TeeHee

  4. Love all of this. Thanks for taking the time and sharing- so inspirational. And I like that you like to give credit where you can. You seem like me and gather tons of ideas from all over and make them your own. I have been looking for washi tape for months... must find some! :)

  5. Very helpful your workspace/office......from Pittsburgh


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