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Filofax Rulers - Clear vs. Frosted

If you have a Filofax, then you know that Filofax has made different types of rulers. I wanted to show you some of the differences I have noticed between these rulers. More specifically, the clear vs. frosted ruler.

First, let's see what rulers are out there. 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Frosted
Left: Clear / Right: Frosted

Left: Clear / Right: Frosted


Notice the difference in the clarity.
 Here you can see the thickness of the rulers. The clear ruler is noticeably thicker. If you prefer not to add bulk to your planner, than you might not want to consider a clear ruler. I also feel that the clear ruler is so thick that it's difficult to insert/ re-insert into your planner because of it's thickness. It feels as if the plastic could snap. I mostly use this just as a page marker in a place where I wouldn't normally move it around much.   

Hope this helps!


  1. Fab! Thanks for the comparison.

    I have a transparent ruler which I love, but it's thicker than a normal FF ruler. I find that it doesn't pop out of the rings quite so easily. I've often wondered about the frosted one, but have never seen one in the flesh. Now, I'm going to try one.

  2. I too have a transparent ruler that does not come out easily. It is a Kate Spade one. I really like my Kate Spade planner, but the ruler and the small pen loop are not very functional. I also have an old Daytimer ruler that I can remove easily. It is useful to know that the frosted Filofax ruler is thinner.

  3. I have a frosted, and don't like it much. It started to tear within six months (how, I don't know). I'll be getting a clear one when I buy my 2014 inserts.


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