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My Filofax Collection #3

Here is the last of my collection. My Pockets!!!!

Pocket Damson Adelphi

         Pocket Grey Malden
 Pocket Purple Malden

 Don't forget to check my YouTube channel! Thanks! 


  1. What a lovely collection you have!
    Or will have as it seems you're selling most of them :)

  2. Hi Jennifer! I subscribed to ur youtube channel & love to watch ur videos. I'm interested to purchase ur grey pocket malden. Is it still available? Kindly email me :D

  3. Hi Jennifer, has any one purchased your Pocket Damson Adelphi yet? I am interested in it and I am also a n Instagram/ YouTube Subscriber/follower of yours as well.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately this page has not been updated in a while. It has already been sold years ago.


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