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Philofaxy Meet Up - California!!!

If you haven't already seen this!

I am organizing a meet-up in California. This is open to anyone who is willing to travel to California. Also, to anyone who has a love for filofax! ( Even if you don't own one - YET! )  

So, far I already have eleven (11) people.
Save your spot now!

I know some of you in California who still haven't responded! This is your chance! Don't miss out!

 If anyone is interested. Please contact me! The sooner the better!
 Thank you! 


  1. Would love to attend...too far from Pennsylvania...but have a wonderful time.

  2. I would join but...I actually don't own a Filofax :X

  3. oh I so wish I could join, but I'm in Canada :(

  4. I'm in California. Where will you be meeting? Can you please email me at:


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