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My Filofax Week #15

Current Filofax: Personal Purple Finsbury

This weeks theme: Pink & Light Blue, Stripes

Items used: Pink & Light Blue Washi Tape, Pink Striped & Blue Striped Washi Tape, Hello Kitty Stamp Sticker, Stickers from Morning Glory, Post-it Flags, Post-it Arrow Flags, Sweet Spring Memo Pad paper, Masking Sticker Set - Pastel version, ColoBok Limited Edition Stickerdoodles - Owls, MUJI stamp, 
VersaMagic Chalk Inks in Pixie Dust & Sea Breeze

Pen used:  Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.5mm - Clear Blue


 Here is what it looks like with the flyleaf in the middle.

The week started off with our regular visit to the Dentist on Monday. The day ended on a bad note because my husband injured his wrist so bad that he had to rush to the ER to be seen. I had to file more paperwork and handle more business because of my job loss. Not only was I laid off, but they still owe me money. Part of the reason why the hospital shut down was due to employees not being paid their wages due. So, I was basically working for free. The last few weeks has been difficult to keep a good morale when taking care of patients in the hospital, having that mindset that, "Hey, I'm not being paid to do this." But nonetheless, most employees (including myself) still kept going in to work, because we can't just abandon these people who need our help.  
So, Tuesday came along, and I find out there was no more work left. The end had come. So, because of the hospital closing, all the patients needed to be transferred out to other facilities. Only 2 weeks had passed since we were notified of the closure. It was definitely all too sudden.
Wednesday - I was so upset, and had another emotional day, that nothing had gotten done. I am getting frustrated having to file all these job applications. It's getting repetative and annoying. I needed a mental break from all of it. 
Thursday was a happier day. I can't release my anger by shopping for stationery anymore, so I was very glad to receive a package from Simply Car. 
On Friday, I felt refreshed and went back at it again with the job applications, and filling out more paperwork. 
The week ended with celebrating my cousin's 33rd birthday. 

Thank you all for visiting!

And a special thank you for all your kind words of encouragement and 
for trying to lift up my spirits.  =)

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  1. Beautiful as always Jennifer. Best wishes, Beverley

  2. Awwww, Jennifer, we don't know the plans the Lord has for us. Thinking about you and praying you can start anew in a better place/job for you. Best wishes, Norma

  3. Your week is absolutely adorable! Best of luck in finding a job, and I hope your husband's wrist is okay.

  4. Hey Jen, these colors are so calming and soothing.they are great together. Hope you'll be employed very soon, if you haven't been already. Take care and I'd love to send you a little something from Hawaii. Aloha, Linda

  5. I love those masking tape/washi stickers! How did you get them on a ring? That's clever! Thank you for making your videos!


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