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My Filofax Week #17

 This weeks theme:gothic, victorian-esque, black, purple, teal, & black
Inspired from Laura at JAGGED LITTLE THOUGHTS

Items used: Washi tape in black damask, purple lace, MT 7mm tapes,
Recollections Washi tapes, Muji Stamp, VersaMagic ink in Turquoise Gem, Purple Post-it flags , Cooky Helloday Stickers Ver.2 

Pen used:  Pilot FriXion Ball Slim Eraseable Pen - Black
It has been a very busy week for me as I was planning for my daughter's birthday party on Saturday.
I did get some new things - pens from and some more ink pads in which I will show in my next video.
I also moved back into my Personal Purple Songbird. I didn't want to over use the Purple Finsbury since it has been well used, and I wanted to get more use out of the Songbird which is why I switched into it.

Some of you are asking where I bought my keychains/charms that I have attached to my Filofax.

This hello kitty with a purple bow was bought at a store called Tokyo Lifestyle. Not sure where else you can find them.

And the Filofax charm is from
You can see pictures from her Instagram - shellybelly4evr

Hope you all had a great week! Make sure to check back again next week!

Here is my video from the beginning of the week. 


  1. Hey Jen! I love this weeks color choices and theme! Great job, aloha, Linda

  2. I have the same Hello Kitty charm and I've always wondered what the little white papers inside are?? (You can get Coleto refills at Tokyo Lifestyle too).

    Your pages look fantastic!

    1. It's supposed to be an air freshener type thing. When the scent runs out you just peel one off.

  3. Hi Jen,
    I love your videos!! They are so helpful. I want to buy a personal sized Finsbury, but I use some Franklin Covey inserts. I saw your video and blog about them fitting in the Saffiano. Do you think the will fit in the Finsbury?? Thanks for your help!!!
    Leslie :-)

    1. Hi Leslie. I definitely know they fit in the Finsbury. It may be a bit tight, but just enough so that it doesn't stick out too much. Good luck!


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