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What's a Filofax & Why I love Mine!

Some of you are just starting to find out about Filofax, and are wondering what it is, and why I love it so much!

Here's a little history lesson from the Filofax Website
..."its origins go back as far as the First World War when an Englishman working in the USA, came across an American organizing system consisting largely of technical leaves for engineers and scientists."

In 1921, shortly after this discovery, a London based company was formed to market personal organization systems in the UK.

In 1930 they registered the trademark "Filofax", the name having derived from the description "file of facts".

The Filofax personal organizer had developed from a simple loose-leaf diary and notebook into an indispensable organizer and status symbol for the 80s.

Being in the US, some planner brands that may sound familiar to you are Franklin Covey, Day-Timer, Day-Runner, At-a-Glance, Mead, Moleskine, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. 

What do you use your Filofax for?

You can use it for anything really. It's not just for keeping track of appointments/meetings, but you can write down ideas, notes, lists, You can designated a planner for each aspect of your life. Here are more examples of how people have used their Filofax:
  • Spritual/Gratitude Journal
  • Food/Health Journal  (Menu planning, exercise, etc.)
  • Household/ Home Management (Finances, chores, etc.)
  • Projects (business,weddings, birthdays, events, etc.)
  • School
I personally use three at a time.
  • My Personal Purple Finsbury is used as my everyday planner. I carry it around with me everyday wherever I go. 
  • My Compact Plum Osterley is used as my wallet. I carry only cards, cash, coupons, & receipts in it.
  • My Paperchase Purple Butterfly stays at home. It in are notes for my blogs/videos, health related items (exercise,diet, recipes), notes for my crafting (wishlists, materials used/needed), Pen & Marker swatches, other financial notes, and addresses. 
**Please check my YouTube to see how each of these are setup. 

 But, why choose a Filofax? I store everything on my phone? 
Then I ask you, what happens when your phone runs out of battery? How reliable is your phone? 
What if you didn't back up your information on to your computer? What if you dropped it or it somehow got frozen or broken? There are some limitations to electronics. 

Personally, I use a planner because I do not have good memory. Classic example - Groceries. Before I run out the door, my husband says, "Dont' forget to buy ___!" If it's not written down on paper,  I will forget to buy it!

It's so simple to just open up your planner and flip to the divider that you want to find the information you need. No need to fumble looking for an app and trying to access the information. With a Filofax, it's all there laid out in front of you.

What features do you like about Filofax?

Customization! You can put in or take out whatever you like, unlike spiral bound, or bound planners like Moleskine, Rhodia, etc. You can make your own dividers, even print your own planner pages. I love Filofax because there is so much variety! The colors, the leather, the print, the designs!You can use any color pen, any type of pen. You can pretty them up with paperclips, stickers, and my favorite - washi tape! Most of all it keeps me organized. It helps me get things done. Then, when the year is done, you take out the old and start all over again with the new. You get the chance to change the layout you're using, maybe use a week on one page instead of a week on two pages. You are able to find what works for you. If you want a stay at home binder, or need more space to write, you can choose the A5 size. If you want to keep everyone in one place, yet small enough to carry around with you, you can choose the Personal or Compact size. If you want to carry only notes, or don't like to carry too much bulk, you may opt for a Pocket, Mini, or Slimline. 

I hope this has given you some insight as to why I love my Filofax. If you have a Filofax and don't know where to start: 

Thanks for visiting, come back again soon!


  1. Thank you for sharing this info. One of the reasons I am now enjoying my Filofax. Inspiring and creative videos and blog by you! I love it when I receive an email to state you have posted info on your blog. Thank you. Best wishes. Beverley

  2. Great post! I'm new to filo fax but I've kept a planner since college. I stopped using one once the palm pilots and all the techie stuff came out but it's just not the same.

  3. I have loved organizers for all my life and notebooks. I just got my first filo fax yesterday. I am going to watch your videos and subscribe to you. You gave me a great head start- Cheers. -Blair

  4. i use mine for life but mostly school


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