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Filofax Experiment #1 - Washi tape with My Husband

I wanted to see how things would turn out if I let my husband try a hand at decorating Filofax pages. Why not?!? He has all the resources available to him. Washi tape, stickers, masking tapes, markers, pens of every color! and of course, ME! 

No, I did not force him to do this! I thank my husband for taking the time to try it out, and yes it does take a bit of time!

**No Filofax pages were harmed during this process**

To make him have some inspiration, I did do some pages next to him to give him some inspiration. 

So, can you tell who's pages are whose? 

Did you guess it? His is on top and mine is on the bottom! 

He went with his trusty FriXion pen in the BOLD 0.7mm. No color coding, just one color. 
He had no issues stamping with the MUJI stamp.

I tried to have a man's perspective on this experiment. 
My conclusion is that the average male says it takes too much time. They would rather keep it simple and be able to quickly jot down what they need to. 

I asked him," If he had a planner, would you do this on a weekly basis?" 
His response, "I don't have time for that!" 

Well folks, at least I tried!

Hope you have enjoyed this experiment.


  1. Really nice. ������

  2. Nice! At least he tried! And not too bad at it, if I might add!

  3. I continue to find the page decoration trend bewildering. Your husband is quite a trouper for doing this. I'd get half way through and be done with it!

  4. Wow! This was a cute idea :) I thought his was the bottom! He even lined the muji stamp right on the line like you!
    Good job.

  5. Ha... I guessed wrong... hehe... Great experimemt... At least he tried... My hubby probably wouldn't... Hehe.

  6. Thanks God no Filofax pages were damage!!!! Jajajajaja that was really funny. I love your blog and your Youtube channel, I watch every video you do!!!

  7. My husband thinks it's dumb, too - and a waste of time.

  8. I love how your husband noted what he wanted as a gift on your page. LOL. Not so subtle hint hint.

  9. I just found your blog and I LOVE it!!!! Could you please tell me where you purchased the stamp with the line? Thank you so much.

  10. Hi, I love your blog and your filofax pages, so I choice you for the "very inspiring blogger" award ;) . You can check it out at:


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