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My Filofax Review: Osterley

Here is my review of the Personal Grey Ostereley and the Compact Wine Osterley.
A special thanks to Carla, for letting me borrow (Olivia) the Grey Osterley to do this review.


This luxurious Filofax is made out of Italian calf leather in a high gloss, crocodile print. 
Here is a look inside. 
The interior is has smooth plain leather. 
They both have the same interior layout.
To the left: A full length pocket with two half pockets and two curved stitched credit card pockets.
To the right: Another full length pocket with two curved stitched credit card pockets. 
Both also have two (2) part elasticated/part leather pen loops on each side. 

Ring sizes: 
Personal - 23mm
Comapact - 15mm
Pocket - 19mm
A5- 25mm

Color options: Grey, Brown, Wine, Orange

This is the A5 Orange Osterley

If you look closely you can see some slight rub off on the color of the leather especially on the edges and the corners of the binder. 

 I have brought this to the attention to Filofax, but because my Compact was a gift, I did not have the receipt for it, which they were asking me for. Also, it is such a gorgeous binder, it was too good to give it back, in fear of receiving a replacement that was not as great.
 Besides that, the leather is feels more stiff, or has more structure to it, but a bit softer than the Finsbury. Both these binders lay flat, no training needed.
From my observation, the Grey seemed not as buttery soft as the other colors. I could feel the finish was not dry per se, but felt more matte. You can see the shine in the leather, but it doesn't quite stand out like the other colors do. 
The Osterely is one of my favorite styles, I hope they don't discontinue this for a while. 

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This is the Compact Osterley Compared to the Compact Holborn. They are standing up side by side and you can see how the Holborn looks a bit longer than the Osterley. 

I hope you found this review helpful.
Thanks for visiting!

Please check out my video review here: My Filofax Review: Osterley


  1. I love the Osterley, especially in the grey and plum colours. It just oozes class and looks so luxurious!

  2. OMGosh... hi there my new PURPLE friend!!!! I stumbled across your blog from ummm...somewhere. LOL I am NOW a follower. OH.. I think someone posted a comment on my blog about my Filofax to join Philofaxy (?) or something ie that and I found this link there!!! I will be a regular visitor, no doubt!!! *HUGS*


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