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My Filofax Week #21

This weeks theme: Pink, Orange, Fruity, Stripes

Items used:  
  • MT Washi tape - Stripes
  • Recollections Washi Tape
  • Daiso Transparent Sticker
  • Masking Stickers
  • B & N Punctuate Arrow flags
  • MUJI checklist stamp
  • VersaMagic Ink -Persimmon
  • Post-it Flags 
  • Korean Diary Stickers
Pens used: Pilot FriXion 3 Multi-Pen with 0.38mm -Pink, Light Blue, Black (0.5mm)

The week started off pretty slow, but ended very hectic. I had been keeping myself busy these past few days helping my cousin with decorations for her wedding shower. "No Steve it didn't rain!" It was a great day to get together to celebrate the soon to be wed. I am so happy for them, and I thank them for thinking of me to help them with this special day. We are all looking forward to their wedding in August after being together for 10+ years, needless to say, "It's about dang time!"

On another note: this week I got RAK'd three times! By Nadine, Desiree, and Ellenie! These R-andom A-cts of K-indness are well thought out, and is more than just people sending me things. But I've noticed that to those of your who have sent me something have been really thoughtful. Whether its writing in purple ink, or sending me something purple. I can tell that you are making the effort into putting a smile on my face. I really do enjoy receiving these RAKs and I appreciate those who have taken the time to do something special for me. I do not get paid for making YouTube videos or blogging. This is why I do what I do because the Filofax community, especially Philofaxy, has been so welcoming and so friendly! We are always there to help each other out. If we're stuck in planner fail, helping you find out what Filofax works for you, if you need help finding a particular Filofax, how to organize our lives, etc. Thank you for accepting me, for loving all the information I share with you, and for giving me the motivation to keep doing what I do! 

I hope you all had a great week! Happy Memorial Day to those of us in the U.S.! Today is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. They sacrificed their lives trying to protect us and for keeping us safe. This day we honor them! 

Here's is a preview of next week's decor: 


  1. Hey! I love your videos and find them so helpful. I saw your video on putting FC tabs in your Saffiano. I am looking to get a personal sized Finsbury and would like to add some FC Tabs in there. Can You tell me if they wll fit in the Finsbury? Thanks!! :-)

  2. I love these colors of washi tape! So represents summer well :-)

  3. LOVE the setup as always!

    And I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Here's my blog post about it:

  4. Another pretty page in your planner :)
    That little girl sticker at the top of your planner page is so cute :)
    It really does touch your heart when someone sends out a RAK. Just that they thought of you is so sweet.
    Are you saying some get paid for blogging and Youtube. I haven't received my cheque yet, lol.

    I finally did my Liebster Blog award, if you want to check it out here it is
    Again thank you so much Jennifer for thinking of me :)

  5. Jennifer, I love fruit stripe gum and your pages look just like them to me. I love that :)


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