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Using FC inserts with the Filofax Saffiano

The lovely Judith : (Here YouTube Channel here) has asked me how the Franklin Covey inserts fit inside a Filofax Saffiano. I snapped a few pictures, hoping to show you all what that looks like. I am only using the month on two pages calendar inserts from Franklin Covey. 

 There is still a tiny bit of space between the strap and the tabs, 
but just enough so that the tabs are not bending.

 Here is another angle. The tabs are not sticking out at all. 

 I use to have my fly leaf in the front to hold my FriXion multi-pen. But since the Saffiano's pen loop is on the front cover, I have moved this fly leaf to the middle of my Filofax, so the pen now sits on top of the tabs of the FC inserts. 

I hope this helps. I will be doing a one week update of my Saffiano to show you all what I've changed or didn't change to my setup, etc. on  my YouTube channel.


  1. Oh thank you very much for posting this! I must say it really doesn't look bad. The Malden also has the tiniest of overlap and the Saffiano seems to be comparable. Yay!!!

  2. Are the Saffiano and Malden the only two that actually hold FC Compact inserts?

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blook Award. You can read more about it here:

  4. Thanks for some great images of this diary! I really loved the colour and texture and have decided to buy this one as my first filofax :D I love the colour purple too!!!


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