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Making Small Victories Count

It's easy to obsess over the numbers on the scale when you are losing/gaining weight, but over-fixating on pounds lost/gained can be detrimental to your well-being and happiness.

Don't let the scale be the judge of your success!

As many of you well know, I use a Filofax Personal Organiser to keep track of everything in my life. I would suggest having a section in your planner, Filofax, notebook anything to help you journal and list down some of your personal victories and your goals. 

Putting it all on paper will also help you think more fully about your goals. Refer back to them often to help you stay motivated on your journey! 

Here are some of mine:

Personal Victories:

1.  Dumped out the garbage in my pantry, fridge, & freezer - You can't eat it if it's not there!

2. Heading towards the pantry to grab a snack, had to fight and I turned the other way around.

3. Trying new vegetables by juicing instead of eating them makes it easier to get it into my body. I would have never eaten them before.

4. After my first day of juicing, I woke up feeling more rested!

5. Seeing my husband smile when I'm making myself a juice.

6. Having my husband juice with me.

You can set your goals by daily, weekly, monthly, and ultimate (long-term) goals.

1. I will make time to exercise today.
2. I will talk to my spouse/partner about my health concerns.
3. I will prepare my vegetables and fruits so I can be more efficient when juicing.

1. I will work out three times this week.
2. I will lose 2 pounds this week.
3. I will not cheat!

1. I will lose 8 pounds this month.
2. I will learn new juicing recipies.
3. I will be able to run a halk-mile without stopping.

1. I want to lose 35 pounds.
2. I want to feel healthy and strong.
3. I want to comfortably fit in a size 8 again. 

Add to these some rewards! These are incentives you can create to help you stay on course. 
Some examples might be:
  • I will make time for myself and take a bubble bath.
  • I will have a movie night sipping on some juice.
  • I will get myself a mani/pedi.
  • I will take the money I've saved by not eating junk and buy myself a Filofax.
  • I will buy myself a pretty dress that will fit me when I reach my goal.
  • I will take a vacation where I can show off my new body and relax! 

Meditate on your goals to help give you purpose to your day. Vision yourself strong, healthy, and happy. This will help reaffirm your belief in yourself and help you take steps into achieving your goals.

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Just a little side note: 
Today is my Wedding Anniversary!!! 
Happy 7 years to us!  


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And cheers to your juicing. Your goals are great. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. My hubby and just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.

  3. Happy {slightly belated} wedding anniversary!

    And good job avoiding the snacks - I'm super guilty of that. I've got to get back into juicing... I was doing so well for awhile with healthy, green juices!


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