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My Filofax Week #24

This weeks theme: Purple/ Blue/ Grey

Items used:
Pens used: Pilot FriXion 3 Multi-Pen with 0.38mm -Pink, Light Blue, Black (0.5mm)

This week I started off with my juicing cleanse/ detox which I did for four days. 
I have been busy trying to amp up my YouTube channel as well as planning for a Southern California Philofaxy meet up where we get together to share out love for Filofax and other planners! I also held my first ever giveaway on YouTube for reaching over 1,000+ subscribers. 
I am still trying to find a job. It has been three months now without any work. Some of you have asked if I work for Filofax. No I do not. All their products I have purchased myself, with only two having been sent as a sample from their PR company, for me to review. I usually state this in my videos or blog posts. 
Because of my financial struggles I have been selling off some of my Filofax organisers. Some of which were very difficult for me to let go of. I have stated which ones I am selling or have been sold though Facebook or my blog. 
On the bright side, I did celebrate my seven year wedding anniversary and Father's Day.

We started with brunch at the Famous Roscoe's House of Chicken &Waffles. Then, stopped for some juices at Trader Joe's as well as finally find some Speculoos Cookie Butter. If you don't know what it is, it is a spread which is made up of crushed cookie biscuits. There is the crunchy version and there is also a smooth version without the cookie bits. Delicious! It is very hard to get because they only sell one box a day, and is limited to two jars a person. They have done this because people would buy them and then sell them for over $10 a jar on eBay. Insane!
While we were enjoying the day at The Grove in LA - I managed to stumble upon Sticker Planet!
If you are in the LA area, stop by and visit this little store inside Farmer's Market on 3rd & Fairfax!
 Then, we found a little store that sold Brownie Brittle, which are like the end parts of a chocolate brownie. After, we enjoyed a movie, "Fast & Furious 6". The night ended with dinner at "The Stinking Rose" in Beverly Hills - for serious Garlic lovers!

Hope you all had a great week! 


  1. That sounds like a great anniversary!!! :)

    Sticker Planet and Cookie Butter! :o You have the coolest things in the US! :)

    I love your week 24, the design and your penmanship are very pretty :)

  2. I'm a purple girl myself, so I absolutely LOVE this week!

    Would you mind sharing where you got the month tabs from?

  3. Can't wait to hear about the Southern Califirnia meetup!


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