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Washi Wednesday #3

Today I am sharing with you all a tutorial on how to store washi tapes. This is great if you don't have very many or are just starting out.

Supplies used in this tutorial:
An empty saran wrap/plastic wrap/ press & seal/ aluminum foil box.
(Use a box with the cutter-edge on the bottom vs. the top)
Wrapping paper
Razor blade
Self-healing mat
Double sided tape
Ranger - Glossy Accents Glue 
Transparent Plastic Sheet
Packaging tape/washi tape

1. Remove the tube and cutter-edge, you will need to save them for later. Remove the lid/ cover.  
2. Use wrapping paper and wrap the box, making sure you have a little bit to cover part of the insides as well. Make sure to wrap the lid as well.
3. Use double sided tape to keep the wrapping paper in place.
4.  Create a window on the lid. Draw a rectangle using your ruler, in the middle of the lid, to your desired width, or to the with of a transparent plastic sheet.
5. Using a X-cato blade or Razor blade and ruler, cut out the rectangle on a self-healing cutting mat.
6. Cut out the transparent plastic sheet about 1/4 size all around bigger than the rectangle on the lid. Use glue or double sided tape to adhere the transparent sheet underneath the lid.
7. Glue the cutter-edge piece back into the bottom edge of the box using Glossy Accents Glue. 
8. Re-attach the lid with washi tape/packaging tape

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

Watch the video here: 

Crafting A Fairytale


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