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My Filofax Week #39

My Filofax Week #38

This weeks theme: Hello Kitty & Hearts
Colors: Pink & Light Blue
Items used: (*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link)  Filofax Purple Finsbury Personal size (Discontinued Model)Filofax 2013 Personal Week On Two Pages - Cotton CreamHello Kitty Washi Tape by Tape WorksHappy Birthday Clear stamp - from unknown Studio l2e - Plan It Stamps MUJI stamp - Also available through eBay -MUJI Acrylic Checklist Stamp
American Crafts 6-Pack Mini Decorative Stamp Set, PastelsGirl Of All Work Peel and Stick TabsMasking Sticker Set - Solid ColorSticky Flag with hearts from Daiso Japan StoresTransparent Heart Seals from Daiso Japan StoresHello Kitty sticky flags booklet from Morning Glory StoresAssorted Korean Diary Stickers for birthday balloons and cake
Pens used: Pilot FriXion Multi-Pen 0.38mm Pink 

Watch how I created these pages here:
This week's theme was chosen by my oldest daughter for her birthday. Her favorite colo…

Quick update: Sept. 23, 2013

Hello there. I always try my best to have a blog post at the end of the week (Sunday) which gives you all a break down of what products I use to decorate my pages. Lately, these posts have seem to fall over into Mondays. I hate to make excuses for those of you who wish I would post on a mor regular basis. It is definitely a challenge to be working full force on my blog/videos and still maintain a household, mom to two kids, and have a happy relationship with my husband. Thank you for understanding and being patient with me. 
Today is no different, we celebrated my daughter's birthday by having a party for her. Also, in an effort to work from my bedroom, I dug out my 11 year old laptop from the back of my closet. I managed to turn it on, but that's about all it did. Everything is out of date. The programs are not functioning properly and seem to be very buggy. It is slow as heck!!! It didn't work out like I had planned. So, My Filofax Week will be delayed for a bit until I c…

My Review: Markers with Filofax Paper - Part 3

This post will coordinate with my video here: 

In this video, I reviewed two types of markers onto Filofax paper to test out their bleed through as well as swatch out the colors.

The first markers I talked about were the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners in the Pastel Set. This was given to me as a RAK "Random Act of Kindness" from Katie H. [Thank you!]. This is also available from Amazon here:

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner - Pastel Set (6 pcs)
 Katie sent me some cute paper clips in purple of course and these cute stickers.

Here is the swatch of the colors on Filofax paper from 2008, which is a very thin paper.  Still you can't see any bleed through, just some minimal shadowing.   The colors are very light. These are the colors swatched in this order: light carminelavenderlight orange lime green silver greydelft blue  The point on these markers are 0.3mm.  What I love about the Staedtler brand is that they are  "DRY SAFE: can be left uncapped for days without drying up&q…

My Filofax Week #37

This weeks theme: Love
Colors: Red and Pink
Items used:
(*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link)  Filofax Purple Finsbury Personal size (Discontinued Model)Filofax 2013 Personal Week On Two Pages - Cotton CreamWashi Tape from Michael's Craft StoreStudio l2e - Plan It StampsTsukineko Full-Size Memento Inkpad, Rose BudWandoo Cong Everyday Diary CalendarSweet Things Schedule Diary StickersScotch Expressions Washi Tape, PoppyMasking Sticker Set - Pastel VersionTarget Brand up&up Page ReinforcementsGirl Of All Work Peel and Stick TabsKorean Diary Stickers by Funny Sticker World Color -  Seal Hearts 
Pens used: Pilot FriXion Multi-Pen 0.38mm Pink 

"Why do we close out eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, dream?
Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart." 

*NEWS* I have two new additions coming in soon!
 I can't wait to share with you all these two Filofax personal organisers which I will add to 
my collection! 

Watch h…

How to Choose Inserts/Refills for a Filofax

This post is to tie in with my 2013 Video Series: How to Choose Inserts/Refills for a Filofax  If you haven't yet seen the video, you can view it here:
For someone new to the Filofax brand, this can be very well confusing as well as hard to understand on your own without some help from an experienced Filofax owner. 
First, let go over paper size. I will show you measurements in both Customary and Metric.  Standard paper size in the US is Letter: 216mm x 279mm A5: 148mm x 210mm, Personal: 95mm x 171mm, Pocket: 81mm x 120mm, Mini: 67mm x 105mm

Here you can see how the hole spaces line up. A Mini can fit into a Pocket. Pocket can fit into a Personal, and Personal can fit into an A5. Two Mini stacked one of top of the other can technically fit into an A5.

Now, let's go over the different calendar formats which come in a variety of sizes and layouts: WO2P - Week on Two Pages (Standard)WPP - Week per PageDPP - Day per PageD2PP - Day on Two PagesMO2P - Month on Two PagesMPP - Month …

How To Choose a Filofax Personal Organiser

This post is to tie in with my 2013 Video Series: How to Choose a Filofax Personal Organiser   to give you more of an in depth view of the different sizes of organisers, variations of ring sizes, and the internal layouts of some of the organisers. If you haven't yet seen the video, you can view it here:

There are six different sizes which I mentioned which are the Mini, Pocket, Personal, Slimline, Compact, and A5 sized organiser. (*There are other sizes which were not covered because they are not widely available)
 MINI size (This particular model is the Mini Purple Malden)
  There are 5 rings evenly spaced out. Usually found with ring sizes ranging from 11-13mm.
[Standard: 13mm]

 Most smallest of all the sizes. Most widely used as a wallet because of the exterior full width wallet pocket in the back.
 The next size up is the POCKET size. Here it is in comparison to the Mini size.

(This particular model is the Pocket Grey Malden)  There are 6 rings evenly spaced out. Usually …