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My Filofax Week #40

 This weeks theme: My Teal Baroque
Colors: Purple, Teal, Gold

Items used:
(*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link) 


  1. Jennifer, what stickers are the transparent hearts? I've seen you use them before but didn't bookmark them. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jen. There's a reason why I did that, it is because they are no longer available. Some Daiso stores sell something similar. Please check to find a store near you. Good luck!

  2. Hi I didn't realize you had a blog yay! :) I watch your youtube videos and follow you on instagram. Loving your creations. I just started an organization blog , please could you check it out when you get the chance. Its and check me out on instagram @shopaholic2400 ... lovee xx


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