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My Pen Test with Filofax Paper

A topic that comes up every now and then, especially with newbies who are just getting started with their Filofax, or with Filo-fanatics trying to find the right pen is,
"What are the best pens to use with Filofax paper?"

Looking back at a poll from Philofaxy back in December 2012. It seems as though most Filofax users use a ballpoint pen, with Fountain pens coming in second, and a tie between Erasable pens and Gel Ink pens.

Ballpoint pens usually have no issue with bleed through, which is the main concern because Filofax paper sadly isn't the best paper in the world. Filofax (white) paper is 70 gsm. Of course, the great thing about Filofax is that you can create your own inserts with better quality paper, or find other inserts with better quality paper to suit your needs.

I won't do a test with ball point pens, instead I will just give you a list of my top 5:

This is a pen test I did with Gel Inks only. Maybe when I get more fountain pens I can do a test with those. I will cover erasable pens in another post. But for now, since I am a big time gel ink pen user, I will show you all this. These pens were tested on three different types of paper.
1. Filofax 'White' Paper - 2009

 2. Filofax Cotton Cream Paper

3. Filofax 'White' Paper - 2013

Therefore, my Top 5 Gel Ink Pens would be:
Now which of these would fit into a Filofax pen loop? That will be another topic for another day! 
What are some of your favorite pens for your Filofax?


  1. The Cotton Cream definitely seems to be of better quality

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