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My Review Monday: The Original Filofax

The Original Filofax in A5 size - Front
The Original Filofax in in Personal size - Front

First introduced in 2013
"Instantly recognizable, but with a twist. Iconic design with a simple one-piece thick leather cover, slightly rounded corners and strap with gel popper cap. Beautiful in its simplicity, with perfectly balanced proportions. Working with extra thick leather and using traditional construction techniques, these personal organisers are made by our UK factory who piece together the components by hand, using thick thread to carefully stitch them together. Express your personality with choice of color and leather textures – traditional, patent and fluorescentThe Original: a Filofax that looks like a Filofax - unapologetically iconic. "

The Original Filofax in A5 size - Back
The Original Filofax in Personal size - Back

Sizes: Personal, A5
Colors:  (8) Brown, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, Green, Yellow, Patent Black, Patent Purple, Patent Fuchsia
Material: Thick leather with a gel popper cap on the closure strap
Ring Size: 23mm (Personal), 25mm (A5)
Design Features: 
Left: two credit card pockets, one vertical slip pocket, one multifunctional elastic holder
Right: one jot pad pocket, one vertical slip pocket
2 x elastic pen loops

"Made in England, crafted from thick leather and with a simple construction based on the first Filofax personal organisers. The Original is available in a range of striking colours and the iconic design features a bespoke button on the leather strap closure. A matching keyring is also available."

My first impression with this organiser was "Wow, I love the color!"  Filofax really hit it right on the spot with this beautiful color. There have been mixed reviews with this organiser. It has a very simple, minimalist design. The interior however is someone of a miss. On the inside cover to the left you will find a multifunctional elastic which serves as two pen loops. The middle of the elastic can also function to hold more pens, paper, even a cell phone. There are only two credit card pockets, so for those of you who like carrying multiple cards, you may have to opt by using a credit card holder. It's almost as if it isn't really a pocket, just slits in the leather, as there is no actual pocket the cards sit into.
It is constructed out of a full piece of  leather which is actually very soft, and is able to lay flat onto a table with ease. Unlike other organisers which seem to be reinforced with some cardboard material. 
The interior also varies within the colors. As you can see with the purple, the interior color is black. Same goes for Brown, Green, Black, and Fuchsia. The other colors, Yellow, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, have a nude/beige color interior. There are three different exterior finishes. Fluoro, which is a bright, flourescent trendy color, Patent, a high glossy finish, and Retro, a smooth leather finish.
With my Personal size, the strap felt it was squeezing the organiser when closed. It seems they were made on the short side and some have complained about the strap rubbing against the leather causing the finish on the cover to rub away.
Also, the multifunctional elastic strap seemed not far out enough that if a pen were placed in it, it would smash the ends of the dividers and papers.
 Since then, I received an A5 at the beginning of this month and it seems that Filofax read our comments & reviews, and listened to their customers. Thus, they have made some changes. 
The strap is noticeably longer, and the multifunctional elastic strap seems to have been shifted to the left to accommodate the dividers and papers. 
 Some have asked me if the patent leather bothers me because of its tendency to hold fingerprints. It is much like the screen on electronic devices. It does not bother me unless I stare at it long enough or if it is in direct sunlight in which I can see it. Most of the time it is open or in my purse, so it doesn't affect me too much. 
Others have made jokes about the Fluoro colors being so bright that it should come with sunglasses.
Read more on this organiser here: Philofaxy: Filofax New Range 2013 - The Original


  1. I love your post! I love Filofax!!!

  2. Don't worry, you actually have 2 weeks until the clocks get set back. :) I have both patent purple Filofaxes, too, and I love them both. I thought the fingerprints would bother me, but they don't. I will say that the plastic cover was stuck to the A5 when it arrived. I peeled it back with the utmost care and it still seems to have marred the finish a bit. Not enough that I plan to return it, but it's definitely noticeable in some light.

  3. I love the patent leather and I have the fuchsia color. I recently purchase the nude!!! Unfortunately both Filofax are stained. What would you recommend for cleaning and avoiding stains?

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