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My Review Monday: Piazza Filofax

Filofax Violet Piazza in Personal size
First introduced in 2007. 
"Fashion fusion personal organiser with a combination of textures. Beautiful leather with textured inlay, enhanced with subtle contrast stitching and lining."
"A sassy and sophisticated little number, the Filofax Piazza Organizer screams fun, fresh and flirty with its juicy colors and silky soft finish."

Sizes: Mini, Pocket, Personal
Colors:  (7) Blue, Black Night, Citrus Green, Venetian Red, Violet, Sunflower, Rose
Material: Glossy Leather
Ring Size: 23mm
Design Features:
Left: Five cut edge credit card pockets with a full-length behind. 
Right: One full-length zippered pocket. Pen loop.  

The color very much reminds me of the Lavender Metropol with contrast stitching in white. The textured inlay seems very similar to the texture of the Saffiano. The pen loop is full leather, but it does seem to be able to fit most pens that I use which do no have a rubberized grip. I was able to fit a Pentel Energel 0.7mm pen, and PaperMate InkJoy 550 RT1.0mm pen through the pen loop.

This organiser does not lay flat. It feels to be reinforced with cardboard material inside. It has a small pillow-like or plush feel. As stated on the inside of the organiser, it has deluxe smooth leather, different to the smoothness of a Holborn, no texture or grain, very silky, much like the feel of a Metropol.

The inside left secretarial pocket is very similar to that of the Saffiano. 
The zipper on zippered pocket seems to be made out of a metal material. 

This is a DISCONTINUED range, but you may still be able to find them through eBay, previous owners,
other online stores.

Watch my video review here:


  1. OMG you are on the FiloFax Blog Congrats XXXXX

  2. Hello I am interested in find a piazza personal in blue for my wife.. I heard you in a video say thanks to carla in Spain... Is there a way or a specific place to find this besides amazon or eBay I want a new one... If you could help I would be gratefully in debt to you. I need it for Christmas..LOL .. please and thanks in advance

    1. Hello Eric, I wish I could help you, but this organiser is discontinued, and would be difficult to find a one unless through a second hand seller, which is how I bought mine. eBay or Amazon would be your best bet. Have you tried looking at retailers in your area? Check the Filofax website and search for find a retailer. Perhaps you can find a store near you. Also, sometimes great deals appear at - There are also For Sale groups on Facebook, if you are on Facebook. Good luck!

  3. Just a heads up, I have a personal size piazza filofax in violet for sale on ebay! This one is hard to find these days to buy so I attached the link here:



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