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My Review: Piaric Inserts

I purchased these inserts by Piaric about a month ago, and have been testing them out since then.  The first set of inserts below are the A5 Week on Two Pages (A01), #1. MNL on white paper. It is very similar to the format of the Filofax brand inserts. I like having the notes on the top left section of the page as well as even writing spaces for the day of the week. I also like the minimalism of the pages.
 Here are the Filofax A5 Week on Two Pages in Multilanguage on white paper as a comparison. Look at how the each multi-language fills up space. It makes the page look cluttered, and contains some unnecessary information which I do not need. What I do like about these pages is that it tells me which week of the year it is.

The next set of inserts shown here are the A5 Month on Two Pages (A01), #2. MNR on white paper. I decided to try out having a calendar that has a Monday start and having the weekends together on one page.  Also, being that I am right handed, I opted for the no…

My Filofax Week #47

My busy week does not reflect my planner pages. I have been spending hours and hours on the computer, day after day, continuing my search for a job. Having been unemployed for eight months now, I felt as if I was at a dead end. The countless job applications, being denied, leads ending up no where, not a single job interview, and now unemployment benefits scheduled to end at the end of 2013. I have definitely been feeling the pressure and stress of financial hardships. Which is why I really enjoy what I have been doing with Filofax, blogging, and creating videos. It helps with the stress. Also, I love being able to inspire others to use their planner in a fun way, and share my knowledge about Filofax personal organisers. Unfortunately, it's not what pays the bills and keeps a roof above our heads. People comment and wonder how it is that I can afford to buy Filofax organisers and all these stationery products. First off, I don't think it's anyone's business with what…

Comparing Check List Stamps for Your Planner - Part. 2

I recently got a hold of the new stamp set from Studiol2e (here) called the List it Set. I wanted to show you the difference between this new set versus the older set called the Plan It Stamp Set. Also, how they both compare to the MUJI check list stamp (here).
These are all stamps I use in my Filofax personal organiser. You can use them with any planner as well.  The Studiol2e stamps are made out of a photopolymer clear material. For those of you unfamiliar with clear stamps, you will need an acrylic block to use these stamps. 
The acrylic blocks I used in my video are these: Making Memories Clear Stamp Acrylic Block Small 3"X3" Fiskars Stamp Block Set  I tested these stamps on Filofax paper from A5 size down to Pocket size pages.

This test I used VersaFine 
Onyx Black Pigment Ink for the Studio l2e stamps
craftsmart pigment ink - Black
for the MUJI stamp.
 You can use the check list stamps outside of the lines or inside, whichever you preference is.  Use the banner stamp to…

My Filofax Week #46

This weeks theme: Damask Colors: Teal and Purple
Items used: (*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link) Filofax Damson Adelphi Personal Size (Discontinued Model)Filofax 2013 Personal Week On Two Pages - Cotton CreamFilofax Purple Malden A5 sizePiaric Week On 2 pages W2P, #1 MNL A5 Filofax size - WhiteThin Washi Tape - Purple from Etsy - mechakucha808MT Thin Washi Tape 20pc. set (discontinued)Aimez le style Washi Tape (Purple Damask) from Etsy - mechakucha808Recollections Washi Tape - Purple Damask and Teal Diamonds from Michael's Checklist Stamp from Plan It Stamps by Studiol2eFiskars Stamp Block SetTsukineko VersaMagic Dew Drop Inkpad - Aquatic SplashGirl Of All Work Peel and Stick TabsX-ACTO X2008 Designer Series Precision Scissors, 5-InchPens used:
Pilot FriXion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.5mm - Violet -
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica -

Watch how I created these pages here:
Hope you all had a great week! Thanks for stopping b…

My Review Monday:

I have some great products to share with you from 
They are a great company who supplies great, fun, affordable stationery items from stylish pencil cases, to cute pen and pencils, and other fun writing utensils. It's not like you're usual office supply store. They have hard to find products available here in the U.S.! 
At they believe that "Encouraging your child to practice their writing skills is one of the best gifts a parent can give, and there’s nothing like a cool pencil case full of cool pencils, erasers and accessories to excite their imagination and ignite their creative and linguistic passions!"
 As a parent myself, it's great to see a company like this who likes to motivate parents and their children to use products which will motivate them to write and motivate them to be organized.  As a kid, I remember growing up in awe of who had the latest and greatest pencil case. Some were fancy with hidden compartments for …

My Review: Plumix, Preppy, Maica, Monami Hightlighter, Sparkling Glitter Pen

I am very excited to show you these products from I have raved about this company for a while now because they have such an awesome variety of pens, paper, stationery products available on their website. Not to mention, they are near to me here in California, USA, which makes shipping super fast! Customer service has been top notch, and I have been happy with all the products I've purchased thus far. Returns are a breeze! Very affordable prices! 
First off is the  Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen. As a beginniner fountain pen user, I have been trying out as many fountain pens as I can to find out what kind of pen best suits my writing style. I was really surprised when I tried out this pen. First off, it feels very nice in your hand. It has grooves to help you grip the pen comfortably as you write. I wasn't sure what to make of a broad tip nib, but now that I've tried it, I love it. It's especially great when you use inks that have great fading colors. Pilot Plu…