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Comparing Check List Stamps for Your Planner - Part. 2

I recently got a hold of the new stamp set from Studiol2e (here) called the List it Set. I wanted to show you the difference between this new set versus the older set called the Plan It Stamp Set. Also, how they both compare to the MUJI check list stamp (here).

These are all stamps I use in my Filofax personal organiser. You can use them with any planner as well. 
Plan It Set
List It Set
The Studiol2e stamps are made out of a photopolymer clear material. For those of you unfamiliar with clear stamps, you will need an acrylic block to use these stamps. 

The acrylic blocks I used in my video are these:
 I tested these stamps on Filofax paper from A5 size down to Pocket size pages.


This test I used VersaFine 
Onyx Black Pigment Ink for the Studio l2e stamps
craftsmart pigment ink - Black
for the MUJI stamp.

 You can use the check list stamps outside of the lines or inside, whichever you preference is. 
Use the banner stamp to highlight important events/appointments. 

You can see that the MUJI stamp is still slightly smaller than the new Studiol2e stamp, but the Studiol2e has five lines compared to only four with the MUJI stamp.

Read more about my first comparison here!

Check out my video here! 

**Both products were not sponsored by either company and were purchased with my own money. 
Everything is 100% my own opinion. **


  1. i went with the studio2 and bought them after watching your video, thanks for comparing those 2 items

  2. The stamps look great - thanks for the comparison. I recently bought a set but not got round to using them yet - as I have not used the clear blocks yet.

  3. i am really wanting to get these stamps? Which ink do you feel is best and doesn't bleed through?


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