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My Filofax Week #45

A5 Purple Malden Filofax
This weeks theme: Music
Colors: Black and White

Compact Black Chameleon Filofax

 Items used:
(*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link) 
Pens used: Studio g Fineliner Marker 0.4mm- Black - in A5 Filofax
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.5mm - Black - in Compact Filofax

Watch how I created these pages here:
 "Music gives a soul to the universe, 
wings to the mind
& life to everything."

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed
soothes the mind and give it rest
heals the heart and makes it whole
flows from heaven to the soul."

I have been wanting to do this theme for a while now when someone on one of the Facebook groups asked if anyone had done any black and white decoration in their planners before. A few months ago while shopping at a local scrapbook store, I came across the most adorable washi tape made by Little B. That washi tape became my inspiration - music! 

I have had a long time love for music. As far back as I could remember, I have always had music in my life. 
I do have some musical talents, such as singing, dancing, and playing instuments (piano, guitar). It seems like there is always music around us, in our everyday lives. 

Music has always amazed me. This week I dusted off my old CD case, full of CDs of groups and singers I used to listen to. One by one, I played them, reminiscing the times when I used to listen to the songs. No matter how many years have passed, I still remember the lyrics as if I heard it just yesterday. It's amazing how humans can recall lyrics to a song they haven't heard in a long time. Growing up I could remember countless song lyrics, but not my studies. Music forms these memory connections in our brain. Especially if you had a favorite song that you played over and over and over again, it will be more easier to recall. For me, I make an emotional connection with song lyrics. I really listen to song lyrics and try to understand the meaning and it creates a feeling. For example, "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler, brings me back to freshman college days. They had karaoke nights at the student union. A few of my friends and I sang our favorite songs. I don't remember who was there, but when I sang that song, I remember feeling confident, singing my heart out. A stranger from the crowd came up to me, thanked me, and then told me that I had made her and some other people cry because I had sang it with so much feeling. It felt surreal that I had brought up that kind of emotion in people through my singing. I will never forget that moment. 

Do you have songs that take you back to a certain time or a specific memory?