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My Filofax Week #47

My busy week does not reflect my planner pages. I have been spending hours and hours on the computer, day after day, continuing my search for a job. Having been unemployed for eight months now, I felt as if I was at a dead end. The countless job applications, being denied, leads ending up no where, not a single job interview, and now unemployment benefits scheduled to end at the end of 2013. I have definitely been feeling the pressure and stress of financial hardships. Which is why I really enjoy what I have been doing with Filofax, blogging, and creating videos. It helps with the stress. Also, I love being able to inspire others to use their planner in a fun way, and share my knowledge about Filofax personal organisers. Unfortunately, it's not what pays the bills and keeps a roof above our heads. People comment and wonder how it is that I can afford to buy Filofax organisers and all these stationery products. First off, I don't think it's anyone's business with what or how I spend my money. Second of all, most of them were either gifts, won from giveaways, or sent as product reviews. In the meantime, I am working on revamping my resume and cover letter and will continue searching and applying for respiratory therapist jobs. Hope you all have a great week!

This weeks theme: Rilakkuma
Colors: Baby blue and Yellow

Items used:
(*Please Scroll Over the Items and click for the link)
Pen used:
Pilot FriXion Ball Slim Retractable Gel Ink Pen - 0.38mm - Black -

Watch how I created these pages here:


  1. Nope, it's no one's business. I enjoy your youtube vids on decorating your FF and I appreciate the knowledge on set ups and how to use the planners that you impart to us. Rock on.

  2. all the best with you job search, i understand you feeling by just 1 month short (i am 7 months), as for where you get your stuffs, i am a firm believer eat the mangos dont worry about where they came from. thanks for your videos, i love them. you do inspire me with my dull life

  3. Love your YouTube vids and posts. Wish you best in your job search. Stay positive and keep doing what you love.

  4. Merci pour tout ce que tu fais, j'aime bien tes décorations dans ton filo. Et bon courage pour la suite de tes recherches.
    Les gens aiment bien critiquer ce que les autres font, mais, ils regardent que très rarement ce qu'ils font. Et ils sont jaloux.
    Alors, juste MERCI.
    Thank you for all that you make, I like your decorations in your phyllo dough. And good luck for the continuation(suite) of your searches(researches).
    People like to criticize what the others make, but, they look that very rarely what they make. And they are jealous.
    Then, just THANK YOU.


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