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My Review: Piaric Inserts

 I purchased these inserts by Piaric about a month ago, and have been testing them out since then.
 The first set of inserts below are the A5 Week on Two Pages (A01), #1. MNL on white paper.
It is very similar to the format of the Filofax brand inserts. I like having the notes on the top left section of the page as well as even writing spaces for the day of the week. I also like the minimalism of the pages.

 Here are the Filofax A5 Week on Two Pages in Multilanguage on white paper as a comparison.
Look at how the each multi-language fills up space. It makes the page look cluttered, and contains some unnecessary information which I do not need. What I do like about these pages is that it tells me which week of the year it is.

The next set of inserts shown here are the A5 Month on Two Pages (A01), #2. MNR on white paper.
I decided to try out having a calendar that has a Monday start and having the weekends together on one page.  Also, being that I am right handed, I opted for the notes section to be on the right hand side.

 Here is how I would normally decorate my pages. Below I flipped them over to show if there was any bleed through of the stamps, which showed very minimal shadowing. The crayola marker I used to color in the branches did have some bleed through. I used Pilot Frixion Markers to color in the flowers which showed no bleed through the pages.

Now for the pen test on Piaric To Do inserts on white paper!

I am very impressed with the quality of the paper.  
I even tested some fountain pen inks - Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo, Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo, and Noodler's Black Ink. Only some slight shadowing showed behind the page. Fountain Pen users will be very happy with these inserts.

Piaric also offeres colored paper inserts.

 The colored notepaper are 24 lb or 90 (g/m²)  in purple, pink, ivory, yellow, green, and blue.  
The white papers are 28 lb or 100 (g/m²).

These inserts come in a variety of sizes from A5, Personal, Pocket, Mini, and other planner which accommodate 5.5" x 8.5" size refills. 

 There are a wide range of diary inserts as well as notepaper which are available.
If you need a special insert that is not currently available on the website, contact Piaric! 


  1. I have ordered inserts from Piaric as well. I ordered the week on two pages like you,( but with lines) for 2014. I can`t wait to get them. I like organizing and planners too. I have found inspiration from your videos. I just showed my new planner in my blogpost, come and visit my blog if you want to.

  2. Looks great but the layout doesn't work for me :( I print my own

  3. When I upgrade my planner to a Filo Piaric is who I'll be going to for inserts, love them!

  4. Hi. Thanks for the review. I saw the YouTube review too where you said you would prefer bigger boxes rather than the extra at the bottom. I just wanted to say I think extra boxes would be great for writing in recurring events rather than rewriting them each day.

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  6. Are they prepunched?

    1. Yes, they are already punched. When you make an order, you will need to specify which planner size you need the inserts for.

  7. I received mine on Friday and I love them! I'm a lefty and chose to have my notes on the left side (wonder if that was intentional). I didn't even notice that there were no week #'s until I went to do my blog post. I love the paper. One weird thing I noticed is that the paper isn't super forgiving when it comes to peeling off stickers and washi tape. I have to be sure where I'm putting it before I lay it down. But that's not a big deal at all.


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