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My Review: Plumix, Preppy, Maica, Monami Hightlighter, Sparkling Glitter Pen

I am very excited to show you these products from
I have raved about this company for a while now because they have such an awesome variety of pens, paper, stationery products available on their website. Not to mention, they are near to me here in California, USA, which makes shipping super fast! Customer service has been top notch, and I have been happy with all the products I've purchased thus far. Returns are a breeze! Very affordable prices! 

First off is the  Pilot Plumix Fountain Pen. As a beginniner fountain pen user, I have been trying out as many fountain pens as I can to find out what kind of pen best suits my writing style. I was really surprised when I tried out this pen. First off, it feels very nice in your hand. It has grooves to help you grip the pen comfortably as you write. I wasn't sure what to make of a broad tip nib, but now that I've tried it, I love it. It's especially great when you use inks that have great fading colors.
Medium Flat Italic Stainless Steel Nib
Purple, Clear body for easy visibility of ink. Smooth writing nib. Affordable.

Also, a great beginner pen. I love this pen because you can try it out as an eyedropper pen. Which means that it is capable of carrying ink in the body of the pen by filling it with a syringe. When I see this pen, I think ink capacity! Simply attach a rubber O ring to the body, spread a thin layer of silicone grease onto the threads which will act as a seal to prevent ink leakage. It can also use an ink cartridge or converter.
(**for more information about this watch this video from: The Goulet Pen Company
It has a great looking stainless steel nib which is colored to match the pen.
At less than $5.00 it is definitely a very affordable fountain pen.

I have been looking for a great pastel colored highlighter. I'm not much of a fan of bright, neon, or  fluorescent colors. I prefer soft colors which are easier on the eyes. This highlighter features a clip on cap, which makes it easy to place onto a notebook or shirt pocket.  
I wanted to test it out with an erasable pen to see if the ink would rub off when I would erase the pen ink and it didn't. There is slight smearing when tested with the Uni-ball SigNo 207. Also, it seemed to bleed through the paper right where I would pick up at the end. I am very please with the color, which was a very light pastel purple. Another affordable maker for $1.00 and some change. 

  Pilot has changed the design of the Hi-Tec-C to be more girly in my opinion. Decked out in jewel-like body. Check out that sparkle on the cap of the Maica. Although, I do prefer the old design with the clear body for easy visibility of the ink and the number of the tip at the cap. The cap of the Maica has no clip but instead a loop to attach more "bling" or charms onto. The points of the pens are very similar throughout all the Pilot needle point pens, and also write very similar. The 0.3mm point feeling the most scratchy.
 Left to right: Hi-Tec-C Coleto, Hi-Tec-C Maica, Hi-Tec-C.


 If you zoom in you can see the fine glitters. The Uni-ball looks to have purple fine glitter while the Sakura has that "glittery ‘dust’ is an inert, cosmetic grade, finely ground glass" - JetPens which has more of a silver appearance. I think the thickness of the Uni-ball's ink makes it write smoother than the Sakura which tended to clog up with glitter and not write as smoothly. 

The Uni-ball is great with both light and dark colored paper. The only con I have about this pen is that it has a very harsh smell of glue and a long drying time. 

 Watch my video review here:

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